How Twitter Helped Reunite Three Abandoned Children With Their Mother

Social Media

We all make it a point to say that we spend too much time on social media, that it’s ruining our lives and that it’s make us less social and less capable of human interaction. But with every bad feature that social media brings to life there is a good feature. We might spend less time with our loved ones, but we spend more time connecting with loved ones far away. Some people might look at the lives of others and find themselves envious and miserable, and others might look at the lives of others and find themselves motivated to change their own lives. It’s a case-by-case situation that does make a big difference in our lives; but only how we see fit. And for three children and their mother, social media changed their lives for the better.

It was close to midnight on a Tuesday when Abhishek Shukla, a journalist, saw three small children huddled together on a train platform in New Dehli. The kids were alone and they  would not speak. After asking the railway police for help and being denied that help, the journalist took a photo of the kids, uploaded it to his twitter account and asked people to please help. It took only minutes before the photo went viral and the local police came to the aide of these small children. The kids were too scared to do much talking, but the police were able to get enough information to track down their mother, who was at home.

Before anyone starts bashing the mother, she believed her children were in the care of their father. It turns out that their father abandoned them at the train station. The mother was brought into to take her kids, and they were happily reunited thanks to the quick thinking of this journalist and his twitter account. Social media might not be great for everyone, but it’s certainly beneficial in so many other ways – as these small children and their grateful mother will happily state.

Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images


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