Military Servicewomen Head to New York Fashion Week

Fatigues To Fabulous

New York Fashion Week is a busy, thrilling time, and the schedule may be overwhelming. There are some events that don’t focus on socially important themes, but there is definitely one fashion show everyone can rally behind. The organization Fatigues to Fabulous raises awareness for and celebrate U.S. military servicewomen and the possible difficulties they may face while transitioning back to civilian life. Fatigues to Fabulous will host a proper runway show at Lincoln Center. Fifteen female veterans and active-duty members of the military will participate in the “Salute the Runway” event.

Major Chelinda Rivas was chosen to participate in the Lincoln Center show, and she explained to the Fort Bliss Bugle what it means to her to be involved in this meaningful event.

“I think this type of program, that honors women and the multitude of things we are, is amazing,” Rivas said. “We’re more than just soldiers. We’re mothers, and we can be fabulous.”

Salute the Runway was just launched this past June to recognize and help military servicewomen with getting their wardrobes in order once they remove their boots and fatigues. The runway show serves as a way to help these women gain confidence and assist them with everyday dressing.

Fatigues to Fabulous has already put on small shows at various military bases, but nothing is as legit as a prestigious Fashion Week show. Brands including DKNY, Calvin Klein and Norisol Ferrari be donating clothes for the ladies to wear. The women will probably wear mostly little black dresses, as Little Black Dress Wines is a sponsor. Also, IMG modeling company will be coaching the selected cat walkers on the art of walking a runway and professional makeup artists will teach the women beauty skills. What an amazing event!

The Salute the Runway show will be held on September 3, one day before New York Fashion Week officially begins. Since it is an event closed to the public, and the event itself won’t raise money for the organization, there are other ways to help. If you want to support Fatigues to Fabulous, you will be able to donate money through Shout, a social donation platform, beginning the same day as the runway show.

(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for HSN)


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