The Last Few Seconds in Her 12-Mile Journey Are the Most Inspiring Seconds of Your Entire Day


There are people in the world that do inspiring things on a daily basis. There are mothers who wake up every single day and care for their kids and make no fuss about it, loving them unconditionally no matter what other struggles they face. There are families that wake up every single day knowing that today might be the day their sick child doesn’t wake up. There are men and women who go to war leaving behind their families, men who never even get to meet their babies. There are people all over the world that make sacrifices and do incredible things. And there are people who do things that might not seem incredible on a daily basis, but they show determination, spirit and strength of character.

Take CPT Sarah Cudd, who worked very hard to earn her Expert Field Medical Badge in the military. She was required to complete a 12 mile march as the last event to earn her badge, and she had to do it fully clothed in her gear and carrying heavy equipment with her the entire trip. It wasn’t always easy for the woman, and she struggled at times. But it is not often that you see a woman fall down repeatedly, get up every single time despite shaking and being virtually unable to move. And it’s even more infrequent to see the group of people who surround her and encourage her, cheering her on throughout the last few seconds – the last few feet – of her walk. Inspiring her and encouraging her along the way, she had no idea just how impactful getting up and continuing on despite how difficult the road she faced. Now she’s an inspiration to us all. Watch as she makes the last few feet to the finish line and I dare you to be uninspired.

Photo by Barry Williams/Getty Images


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