Husband Cooks Wife a Year’s Worth of Meals While He’s Stationed Away from Home


Unless you’ve lived with someone who is stationed away from home, it’s difficult to understand just what these husbands and wives go through as one of them is forced to live somewhere other than home with their families for their job. It cannot be easy. As someone who has never been a military wife or the wife of someone who is forced to live away from home for work, I have no idea just how difficult this must be. I can speculate and say I’d never be able to do it but if I had to, I’d just do it; a lot like other military spouses do. Yin Yunfeng is a 27-year-old military spouse who is stationed away from home. He is only able to come home to see his 26-year-old wife once a year. She works hard as a teacher, and he felt during his last visit home that he wanted to make her life a little easier.

As an amateur chef, he spent a great deal of time while he was home cooking his wife a meal for every meal of the day for the course of one year. Each meal is labeled and stored in their home, as well as in the home of a nearby family so that there was room for her to keep all her other items. The young man wants his wife to eat properly while he’s away, especially since she is so busy herself. In addition to cooking her meals, too, he also hid snacks and treats all over the house.

When he feels that she needs a boost or a pick-me-up, he will send her a love note or a phone call and tell her where to find one of her favorite treats hidden throughout the house. The young woman is so thankful of her husband for making her feel as if he is there with her during every meal. She admitted that it’s exceptionally difficult to be separated so often and that his sweet gesture means more to her than anything in the world. What a darling husband.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images


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