Here’s What Happens When An HIV Positive Man Asks Strangers To Touch Him

HIV Positive Man

There have been countless letters from HIV positive people all over the world who aim to break the stigma surrounding the virus.  And while we can say that we’ve read our fair share, nothing has been have powerful than this incredible video you are about to see.

A Finish man by the name of Janne, who is also HIV positive, has taken another step towards raising awareness of what it feels like to live with HIV.  And boy is this an incredibly powerful statement.   Janne set up a spot in the city center of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and closed his eyes.   Janne created two signs on either side of him.  One sign was in Finish, and the other sign was in English.   The signs read, “I am HIV-positive. Touch me.”  As you’ll see, many folks simply walked by.  Some people merely shook his hand in hesitation.  However….

Then came all the hugs from kids, mothers, young men, everyone.  Judging by Janne’s reaction, this was overwhelming.  Needless to say, the power of a human touch is truly beautiful.

Watch the entire video below.


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