Frozen’s Elsa Sends Encouraging Message of Support to Racially Abused, Three-Year-Old Melbourne Girl


There’s nothing uglier in this world than hate, which manifests itself in all different types of ways: sexism, homophobia, and, of course, racism. However, it takes someone particularly cruel to racially abuse a young girl, and yet that’s exactly what happened in Melbourne, Australia, as Samara Muir was told she was ugly because she was black by a mother and her two children. Fortunately, the three year old’s idol, Frozen‘s Queen Elsa, is helping her rise above these cruel, vicious words and “let it go.”

According to, Samara Muir was waiting with her mother Rachel at a Melbourne shopping center when she was brought to tears by a string of racist comments from another mother and her two children.

“I don’t know what that girl’s getting excited about because Elsa isn’t black,” the mother said, while one of her two kids told Samara that “black is ugly.”

After the incident occurred, Rachel took to Facebook to describe what happened to her daughter, and her post has caused both outrage over what the woman and her two children did but also support for her and Samara.

“My daughter was in tears when we were at watergardens for the frozen activities as a mother & her 2 daughters told my daughter don’t know why you dressed up for coz Anna & Elisa aren’t Black & Black is ugly & your Black,”¬†she wrote. “Not nice.. Still Racism is alive & well in the next generation 😢.”

But out of all the encouraging messages, one truly had the biggest impact on Samara, and it came from her favorite Frozen princess, who posted a video to YouTube, telling the three year old to be proud of who she is.

“Hi Samara, I’m Elsa, queen of Arendelle,”a Disney World actress dressed as Elsa said in the video. “I’ve just heard a little bit about you so I wanted to say hi. I just want to remind you to always be yourself and let it go.”

Apparently, Samara was in complete shock and awe when she received the video from Elsa, and the Frozen character’s words left both her and her mother in tears, giving this story one silver lining. Even though there’s still so much injustice and hatred in this world, there’s also a lot of beauty in it as well, and there’s not too many things more precious than a young girl having the wish of meeting her favorite princess come true.

Check out the video from Elsa below and show your support by sharing and commenting on Rachel’s Facebook post.

[Photo via Facebook]


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