20 Facts About Generation X

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Generation X are the people who were born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s. They were sandwiched between two generations, the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. Despite being overshadowed, they have left a significant mark on history. Here are 20 fascinating facts about Generation X. 

Generation X’s Name Came From A Novel

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The author, Douglas Coupland, wanted to rename the next generation after Baby Boomers as Generation X. He named them after reading the 1983 book by Paul Fussell. He used the letter ‘X’ for people who wanted to stay away from social struggles like status, legacy, and professional achievements. 

Billy Idol Popularized The Word, Generation X

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When Coupland coined the generation after Baby Boomers as Generation X, it was not popular among people until Billy Idol used it in his album. Billy Idol was a popular rock musician back in the 1980s. He named his London-based band Generation X after the name of a book with the same title. 

The Religion Of Generation X

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In a 2012 survey conducted for Generation X, it was stated that people mostly followed Catholicism. 23% of people followed Catholicism, while 67% of Catholics were white and 26% were Latino. Next in line was Mainline Protestant, where 19.75% of people identified as the sole believers in this religion. This signified the rich culture of our ancestors. 

Estimated Cost Of Healthcare

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By 2030, most of Generation X will be between 65 and 45, as they were born between 1965 and 1985. It is estimated that Medicare’s annual care costs will be around $260 billion for providing health care to Generation X, which is expected to treat 67.9 million people. 

Population Boom

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The post-World War II and conflicts in the 60s era saw an increase in births because the soldiers came back from the war and started families. This was considered a demographic shift, which resulted in some consequences, like increased house costs and daily goods. This population boom even led to certain implications for labor markets and healthcare systems. 

Cultural Revolution

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Generation X witnessed and even participated in revolutionary movements that later reshaped our society. They challenged traditional norms and values and also witnessed individual freedom for the first time. Youth-oriented cultures like the hippie movement also began with Generation X. They reflected their desire to express themselves freely and started movements to change society. 

Education Boom

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After World War II, many people focused on maximizing educational opportunities. This led to more employment opportunities that were less labor-driven. Many government schemes, like the G.I. Bill helped the war veterans access higher education, which resulted in a societal shift towards education. Many more people also realized the importance of education. 

Health Conscious

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Generation X focused on maintaining quality of life through health and wellness awareness. They desired organic foods and enrolled in multiple fitness programs. Due to this sudden change in mentality, many different public policies were introduced. This led to better healthcare systems, which had a huge impact on society’s health. 

Generation X Being The MTV Generation

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In the 1970s, pop culture experts wanted to give a certain name to the fans. They came up with many names, but unfortunately, not one was good enough to describe the pop culture fans. After several ideas, like the forgotten generation, the lost generation, and the thirteeners, people came up with the name MTV generation, which became an instant hit. 

Chad Is A Common Name In Generation X

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Every generation has a favorite name for individuals. For instance, Gary or Larry, was a popular and common name in the Baby Boomer generation, whereas Dolores or Billy, was for the Silent generation (1928 – 1945). Similarly, for Generation X, Chad became a popular name. The name Chad became the most popular baby name in the 1970s. 

Generation X Had A Lot Of Student Debt

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Generation X was also considered the slacker generation because of the debt. In a 2018 study, Pew Research stated that more than 65% of students borrowed money to pay their education loan in 2000. Even though most students were employed, they were still not able to pay their loans on time.

Generation X Is May Not Ready For Retirement

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The pandemic shook the financial status of all the generations and Generation X might have taken the major hit. According to TCRS, 41% of people in Generation X would probably run out of their retirement funds before they die. The reason is still uncertain but some may say the majority of their salaries were used to fulfill family responsibilities. 

Generation X Is Outnumbered

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According to some surveys, the population of Generation X in the US is slightly outnumbered by other generations like Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z. Today, the population of Generation X is around 65 million, whereas Baby Boomers are 75 million and Millenials are nearly 83 million. This gives Generation X quite some population disadvantage.

The First Generation To Access Personal Computers

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It is obvious that not every member of Generation X was a digital genius, but somehow, they were good with computers while growing up. Having a personal computer at home was not a big deal back in the 1980s, as the economy was good. This makes Generation X the first generation to have easy access to personal computers. 

Known As Latchkey Kids

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When the people from Generation X were kids, they witnessed hardworking parents at home. Because of this, when they used to reach home from school, they had to do their homework by themselves and even make their meals. They needed house keys to get back home and do their chores without any parental supervision, and thus the name, latchkey kids.

Generation X Never Felt A Sense Of Purpose During Work

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In a 2019 survey conducted by MetLife Annual Employee Benefit, it was found that most of the members from Generation X stated they never felt any sense of purpose while working. The reason is that they never actually witnessed any hardships when compared to their previous generation, like the silent generation, who fought wars. 

Generation X Had The Most Divorces

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The members of Generation X faced difficulties while keeping up with societal advancements in many sectors, like technology and industrial growth. Moreover, they had to compete with the Millennials in employment opportunities, which caused them a lot of stress. Due to this workload stress, their marriage life started to fall out of line, which led to divorce. 

There Was Never Any Generation X President

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When naming presidents, Barack Obama comes closest to being termed a Generation X member. But he was born in 1961, which makes him fall into the Baby Boomer generation. Moreover, he identified himself as a member of Generation Jones, the term coined for people who were born late in the Boomer period and a little early in the Generation X period.

Great Rappers 

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Rap music was highly appreciated by the youth in the 1980s. This led to the rise of many other talented rappers in the pop world. Rappers like KRS-One, Lil Kim, and Wu-Tang Clan created their legacy in the rap industry during the 1980s. Even in the 21st century, youth from Generation Z have taken inspiration from these rappers. 

Social Media Addicts

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According to several studies conducted, it is stated that 49% of Generation X spend around 2 hours on social media every day. Whereas 17% spend even more than 2 hours daily. This is less than how much time Generation Z spends on social media but still fairly high. 


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