Dutch Man cleans up Entire Bank of River and Creates a Beautiful Transformation


We all have a pet peeve, and it might be similar to that of others and it might not. It drives me nuts when my kids talk to me from the back seat of the car wearing their headphones with their music and/or movies turned up so it actually requires them to SCREAM at me. My issue is not nearly as serious as others, however, because one man in the Netherlands has a more important pet peeve. Tommy Kleyn has an issue with the fact that the river on his way to work is so littered with trash and debris. He enjoys riding his bike to work along the river because it is such a beautiful view, but he really does not enjoy the fact that he cannot see the water per the trash that litters it so.

So he took matters into his own hands. The litter and debris did not seem to make anyone else take notice since no one bothered cleaning it up. He just woke up 30 minutes earlier every morning so that he could leave for work sooner, allowing him time to stop on the side of the river bank and clean up the trash. The first morning he decided to pick up trash it took him about half an hour to fill one bag. The pollution was so dense, though, that it was impossible to tell he’d made any difference in the area. As a result, he vowed to fill one bag of trash every single day until the banks of the river were completely clean. By day six, he had made a significant impact on the river.

And now he has a Facebook page with more than 180 “likes” for the project, and it’s grown significantly. His fans and friends have repeatedly told him that there should be more people in the world like him. And though he did have help from a friend one day, Kleyn has challenged everyone in the world to do one very small, very manageable task. If everyone would fill just one plastic trash bag with trash from the side of the road or the river or wherever it’s located each year, the world would be a much cleaner place. Now this is a guy who is beyond cool, and probably way more awesome than most of us. Here’s to Tommy Kleyn and his superior dedication to keeping the world a gorgeous place.

Photo by Ed Wray/Getty Images


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