College-Bound Daughter Surprises Blind and Deaf Mom With 3D Print of Herself

3D Print

Technology is constantly evolving in the world we live in today, and while it seems, at times, that these inventions only serve to make things easier for us to watch, play, or consume, there is also quite a lot of good that new advancements can provide. This story truly embodies that idea, as a 3D printer was used to create a 3D print of Denise Altheide, a teenage girl who just graduated from high school and is headed off to college in the fall, for her mother, Faith, a widow who was born deaf and just recently went blind.

The 3D print of Denise was created after social worker Patricia Ingram, a friend of Faith’s, reached out to Ron Shaffer and Cory Howard, both teachers at Maconaquah Middle School in Bunker Hill, Indiana. As you can see in the video below, Denise sat on a stool and was photographed for the 3D printed bust, which she was able to surprise her mom with.

When asked how she thought her mom would react when she gave her the bust, Denise said that “she is probably going to be a bit confused at first and will probably cry.” And while it does take a little bit of time for Faith to realize exactly what she’s been given, the moment she figures it out is incredibly touching, as she points at her daughter before tears of joy stream down her face.

Many parents want to have some type of reminder of their kids for when they leave for college, whether it’s photos or a phone call every week or day. However, for someone in Faith’s position, there’s no better gift than what Denise could have given her, as she can touch the bust and always remember that her daughter is with her, no matter what.

To see how the whole process unfolded, watch the emotional video below.

[Photo via YouTube]


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