This is the Blind Service Dog Whose Smile is Capturing Millions of Hearts


It is said often that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, but it’s just not the truth. A smile, however, speaks volumes without one word ever being uttered. This statement has never been truer than it is in the case of Smiley, a blind service dog with a smile so bright and beautiful it has melted hearts across the world. Born without eyes, Smiley was adopted by his owner when he was a few years old. Her name is Joanne George, and she is something of a celebrity to dogs who have issues that might make others look the other direction. Smiley was born without eyes, and George also owns a deaf Great Dane. These are not the type of dogs others find ‘perfect,’ but their imperfections are what make them such beautiful dogs. Smiley’s name derives from the fact that he is always smiling, and it’s a smile that has touched the world with its beauty.

His job is in the service industry. George takes Smiley with her to schools and nursing homes and allows him to interact with patients and students so that he can help them. In his life, he’s been credited with getting a little boy whom no one had ever witnessed smile actually smile at him, and he’s benefited hundreds of people how have required the use of a service dog. This Canadian-native works with St. John’s Ambulance as a therapy dog, and his smile is making an impact on more than just the people with whom he interacts on a daily basis. His photos have gone viral, causing him to become an internet sensation. Perhaps it’s his lack of vision that allows him to see people for what they really are, making them feel comfortable and able to respond to his love and affection.


Photos by Joanne George


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