Amazing Man in Thailand Helps Keep Stray Dogs Clean


For so many dog owners, the simple act of keeping their own dogs and cats clean is a bit much. They’re so dirty all the time, especially when you have to walk them on a rainy day or when they find a really spectacular dirt pile in which to play. But for one man, the idea that an animal should ever have to be dirty is unacceptable, so he spends his days ensuring that the homeless cats and dogs near him are kept as clean as possible in what seems like one of the most selfless acts around. This man lives in a small village in Thailand in which there are many stray dogs. His personality will not allow him to leave these dogs dirty and unattended, so he dedicates his time to keeping them clean in hopes that someone might eventually take one in and give it a home.

There are more dogs that he can count, but that does not stop this man from working hard to keep them clean. His selfless behavior has not gone unnoticed, either, with much of the village’s admiration directed at him. Taking the time to ensure that these homeless and unloved animals feel loved and cared for is not an easy job, but it is one that he manages to do every single day. He hasn’t much of his own to give, but he does understand the value of love and affection as well as the value of his time. This is a man from which the rest of the world could learn; animals are living creatures that feel and experience just as humans, and they should be treated with the same kindness and respect that this man gives to animals that do not even belong to him. He is a true inspiration to all.

Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images


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