8-Year-Old Abuse Survivor’s Inspirational ‘Thank You’ Letter to Social Workers


Social workers are often painted in a bad light. It’s these people who work tireless hours protecting children from people who are hurting them. Sure, sometimes a child slips through the cracks or a parent who loves their kids unconditionally loses a child because of one incident of poor judgment; social workers are not perfect. But the overall consensus is that they are awful people. That’s because we hear more from the people who lost their kids because of social workers. We don’t hear that a child was  removed from a home where drugs or alcohol were being abused, or where a child was being abused. We just hear what the parents who did not do their jobs to protect their kids want us to hear; the injustice they feel they’ve faced.

What we don’t hear is the words of the kids who are taken from homes in which their lives are already ruined or well on their way to being ruined. But that’s what we’re hearing now. An 8-year-old little girl wrote a beautiful thank you letter to the social workers who rescued her as an infant from a home where she was being badly abused. In fact, Marie Surprenant cannot walk as a result of her injuries from her abuse as an infant. Her own father beat and abused her so badly that she is unable to walk. But rather than living a life of anger and hatred because of this, Marie is happy, healthy and appreciative of the men and women who no doubt saved her life. She now lives with an adoptive family who love her unconditionally, and she is well cared-for.

This little girl is a shining example of what kind people who are good at their jobs can do in the face of adversity. She is an example of everything that makes social workers get into a business that does more breaking of their hearts than anything else.

Photo by ABC News


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