71 Year Old Woman Finishes 100 Mile Endurance Race 6 seconds Before the 30 hour Cutoff


Want some motivation today?  We’re pretty sure this will do it for you.  In the video you’re about to see, a woman by the name of Gunhild Swanson crosses the finish line of the 2015 Western States 100, 6 seconds before the 30 hour cutoff to become the oldest finisher (70) in the history of the race.  As you can see it appears that the crowd knows exactly what’s going on here.  The clock is ticking and everyone’s going nuts with anticipation.

As Swanson crosses the finish line the roars are tremendous and I for one am thinking to myself, “why am I inside?”  I’m 36 years old and should be running around the block right now.  If Gunhild can do it and she’s 70 then come on Nat!  You gotta at least walk to the mailbox and get the mail right?  Let alone do a 100 mile endurance race.  Yes you read that correctly, 100 miles.

For all you folks out there sitting down right now.  Get up.  Get out.  And get motivated!  Enjoy the clip below:


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