15 Celebrity Body Image Quotes that Will Inspire You

Demi Lovato

Healthy body image; what’s that? I don’t think most of us have a really great idea of what it means to have a healthy body image, and I’ll tell you why. We are all too concerned with what’s right, wrong and imperfect that we forget that as long as we are healthy, we are pretty perfect. It’s not how you look that makes you gorgeous – it’s a combination of your confidence rocking the body you have and the attitude you carry throughout life. You could look like the most gorgeous supermodel in the world, but with an ugly personality and an ugly heart, you’re not a pretty person. You could be a little overweight and the kindest, most giving person in the world and be more beautiful than anyone else ever hoped to be.

Get it, ladies and gentlemen? Sure, the outside is nice, but the inside is what makes you pretty. When I was younger, I wasn’t very nice. It wasn’t until someone said to me when I was entering into my 20s, “You are beautiful, but your attitude makes you very ugly,” that I realized it was time to change. Now I’m a lot happier with myself and I find that being a good person has made me feel a lot more beautiful than ever. But sometimes we focus too much on the outside and not enough on the inside, and we forget that perfection is a myth.

It happens to all of us, and we are all guilty of having days that make us feel less than perfect. I, for one, don’t feel all that amazing when I’m about to have that dreaded monthly visitor since she makes me feel as if I look like a dead body that floated in the local lake a few days before anyone found me. And when I complain about feeling unattractive or imperfect, I get told to shut up because I’m thin. I get hated on because I have four kids and I’m a size 2 (but hey, with four kids to chase, a cheerleading squad to coach and a love of walking and yoga, and good genes, that’s all right, you know?). I get hated on because it takes me about a week to get my body back after I have babies, including my twins – even though it took a year to tighten it all up again. I get hated on because I eat well and believe in making healthy lifestyle choices. I’ll get hated on for being honest about being a small person who enjoys good health. It’s fine; I own it. I don’t have a perfect body, but I have a healthy body.

And you know what? I never felt more beautiful than I did when I was pregnant with any of my kids. I felt alive and gorgeous, even though people kept telling me I was huge and “ready to pop any day,” even though I still had like 5 months to go. I felt beautiful, and I rocked it because I had the confidence to do so. So it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter so much what you look like on the outside as it does what you feel like on the inside.

So if you’re feeling anything less than gorgeous on the outside or you are in need of some body confidence and motivation to love your body, we have some celebrity quotes that will make you feel a lot better about yourself – the way you are or the way you want to be.

“My boyfriend prefers me curvier. When I eat and am healthy and not so worried about my looks, I am proud at any size,” – Lady Gaga

“The female body is something that’s so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not diss other women for being proud of theirs,” – Christina Aguilera

“Being a size 0 is a career in itself, so we shouldn’t try and be like them. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy,” – Rihanna

“Making fun of me pregnant and making fun of me trying to lose weight now. Shame on you. I’m not perfect and I will never conform to your skinny standards. Sorry! Don’t give young girls a complex,” – Kim Kardashian

“I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather go for lunch with my friends than go to a gym,” – Adele

“Guess what? I’m happy and healthy. And if you’re hating on my weight, you obviously aren’t,” – Demi Lovato

“Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford,” – Cindy Crawford

“My great hope for us as young women is to start being kinder to ourselves so that we can be kinder to each other. To stop shaming ourselves and other people: too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too anything. There’s a sense that we’re all ‘too’ something and we’re all not enough. This is life. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Our hearts change,” – Emma Stone

“My limbs work, so I’m not going to complain about the way my body is shaped,” – Drew Barrymore

“Take your time and your talent and figure out what you have to contribute to this world, and get over what the hell your butt looks like in those jeans,” – America Ferrera

“In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress that doesn’t have anorexia rumors! I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I’m invincible. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss so I’m going to skip dinner,’” – Jennifer Lawrence

“I never want to be too unhealthy though, so even though I like  desserts, clearly, I still try to exercise. E.G. Walk to shop to get ice cream,” – Rebel Wilson

“Among my acquaintances there is no woman wearing XS. No, sorry, there is one; my daughter. The point is that Mia is 11-years-old,” – Kate Winslet

“I’m imperfect. The imperfections are there. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once,” – Kate Hudson

“Who cares if there are lumps on my thighs? I’m guilty of having human legs make up of fat, muscles and skin, and sometimes when you sit, they get bumpy!” – Kristen Bell

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