10-year-old girl saves man by giving CPR Only 3 Hours After Learning How


Learning CPR is one of those things we should all be required. We are not, however, required to learn to get through life but some of us are required to learn for certain things. Many professionals must learn the art of CPR. I had to learn several years ago to become a certified Pop Warner cheer coach so that I could coach my daughter’s squad, and I complained the entire time I had to take the class. It was a long class, and it felt like a gross waste of my otherwise very precious time. Deep down, however, I know that saving someone’s life is not a waste of time and learning this technique is one of the most valuable lessons in life. The same could be said for a 10-year-old girl who saved the life of a man only three hours after she was taught how to perform CPR.

Last week in Seoul, 10-year-old Lee Soo-bin was faced with a dilemma; a 50-year-old man in her apartment complex suffered a heart attack and was unable to breathe. He passed out and the little girl was faced with a tough decision. She had only learned to perform CPR 3 hours prior to this, and she was nervous. Lying on the side of the road, the man was no longer breathing. The child took matters into her own hands using her newly learned skill to help revive the man. He was able to sit up and breathe on his own prior to the arrival of emergency personnel, and everyone in the vicinity credits the little girl with saving his life. She merely said that she practiced what she’d just learned until she was able to hear him breathing on his own again; she also said that she now knows that what she learned really does work and really can save lives.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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