10 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Feel Much Richer


You don’t need a million dollars in the bank to feel rich. In fact, you don’t even need $1000 in the bank to feel rich. The simple truth is this; at the end of the day, you need your family and friends and your relationships with those people to help you feel rich. Those are the things that matter the most. Materialistic things are nice (I won’t pretend they are not), but that doesn’t mean you’re not rich simply because a pair of $1000 Louboutins is not in your budget. It just means you have to be a bit more creative with your money so that you can ensure you are always in a favorable financial position. That does not change the fact, however, that it is sometimes nice to feel rich for a minute. We have a few simple suggestions that are going to go a long way toward making you feel richer, which is always a nice way to change the mood.

A small paycheck is a way of life for some, but it only limits you as much as you imagine it limits you. These simple suggestions will have you feeling richer in no time, and each one is a helpful way to actually live a more fulfilling life on a smaller paycheck.

Focus on the good

For some, it’s a simple fact of life that there is not much money. Do yourself a big favor and make yourself feel richer by focusing on what you do have. Do you have amazing kids and a sweet husband? Focus on them and forget that you don’t drive a luxury car or live in a big house. You’re only as poor as you feel, and focusing on these things – things money cannot buy – goes a long way to making you feel quite wealthy.


It’s a pretty simple concept, but many forget that it is such a simple concept. You save money, you have money. What this means is that you will immediately feel richer since you will have money put aside. All you need to do is place a portion of your income into a designated account and then look at that account anytime you feel the need to look rich.

Enjoy the little luxuries

No one ever said you have to deprive yourself completely at all times just because you are not wealthy. Setting aside the time to indulge in something you really enjoy, such as a massage or a nice restaurants is worth every penny. And you can even do it on the cheap when you are able to find deals on these things using Groupon or sites of that nature.

Let go of toxic friends

One of the most effective ways to feel richer and better about your own life is to remove those that make you feel anything but good about how you are living. This might mean getting rid of the friend in your life that constantly invites you to the most expensive places in the city and then takes back her invitation because she “forgot” you can’t afford it.

Use what you have

Some people forget that they have something that no one else has. You can barter for things that you enjoy. For example, you could ask a friend that does hair to keep your hair looking amazing in exchange for babysitting her kids a few times so that she can get away or take a nap or do whatever she sees fit. There is nothing wrong with a little bartering when it gets you exactly what you want.

Filter your friend’s list

I recently read an article that says most people on Facebook and social media make others feel really low and poorly about themselves without even trying. That’s because we all focus on the amazing parts of our own lives for the world to see and forget the bad stuff. The day before yesterday, for example, I posted the most beautiful photos of my two big girls going back to school on their first day. They were smiling, beautiful and excited. What you will not see is my 4-year-old melting down and screaming on her first day of VPK and her teacher asking me to leave because my presence was only making it worse. Like everyone else, I choose to focus on the good – but that’s easy for others to forget, and it can cause you to feel worse about yourself. Feel richer; delete people that make you feel poorly about your own life.

Find new wealth

Some of us have wealth we don’t even consider. For example, I get to work from home. That means I am present during the day in my children’s lives. Other people might have an overwhelming amount of time to focus on their families. Or they might have a skill that is quite beneficial. Perhaps you are a teacher who gets to spend weekends and summers with her children; that is a wealth that few can experience. Focus on your new wealth.

Stop with the comparisons

There is nothing more detrimental to your life than comparisons. I remember reading an article a while back about a woman who didn’t have much always wishing she could be more like another mother from her son’s class; driving a luxury car, looking amazing every day. When the two finally became friends, it came out that the wealthy, always beautiful woman wished she was more like the other woman; that she didn’t have a huge car payment she struggled to make every month and that she didn’t have to look perfect all the time because she was afraid her husband would leave her if she didn’t. Comparisons are a waste of time and a fast way to feel poor.

Enjoy the little things

Sometimes it’s something as small as a cup of coffee or a frilly frappe from Starbucks that makes you feel decadent; we all feel that way at times. Indulge in those things that make you feel good and really learn to love those moments to feel a bit richer.


I never feel richer than when I donate. It makes me feel so good and so blessed, whether it’s my kids’ old toys to a shelter or the clothes that no longer fit them to a family that lost everything in a fire. I feel good donating – and I also feel good when the mood strikes me to pay it forward with a random act of kindness. It makes me feel that I have a really special kind of wealth.

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