15 of The Hardest Plants to Kill


15 of the hardest plants to kill can survive even the most inept individuals. It takes real effort to harm some plants.

Snake Plant


Thankfully this plant can survive without needing to give it a lot of TLC. It can survive in a plethora of conditions, and can even go weeks with minimal or no water.

Parlor Palm


Many people have found this to be a popular addition to their homes for several reasons. It tends to grow to two or three at maturity and doesn’t take much water.

Spider Plant


This is a very common plant to see in a lot of homes. It’s not toxic to pets and can hang or sit in a pot.

Rubber Plant


You don’t need to keep watering this plant since it can go for a while without being soaked. One of the only issues is that it does tend to collect dust.

Christmas Cactus


It’s not a true cactus but it does thrive in the same type of mix you’d place a cactus in. Hanging it in a container often gives this plant a much better chance to drape and expand.



The novice plant owner might feel a little intimidated by this specimen. But the great thing is that it’s very easy to take care of.

Air Plant


If you want something easy to start with that can take care of itself with minimal help, this is it. Find a humid place and just let it sit.

Eternity Plant


It’s amazing to realize how many people have this type of plant in their homes. What isn’t hard is taking care of it, since you can go close to a month without needing to water this plant.

Corn Plant


Don’t break out the butter and salt just yet, it’s not that type of plant. But it is the type that can survive an inattentive owner since it will become obvious if this plant needs water.

Golden Pothos


If you’re looking into keeping houseplants that extend their vines this is a good one to start with. It’s one of the hardest plants to kill since if you see a leaf drop it’s time to water it. Simple.

English Ivy


Anytime you see the word ‘ivy’ just know that it’s one of the hardest plants out there to harm. It grows quickly and is best as an indoor plant since when it’s outdoors it takes over.

Jade Plant


This is a tough plant, plain and simple. It does need regular watering, but it can still survive for a while with minimal dousing.

Peace Lily

Not every plant can handle low-light conditions, but the Peace Lily can. You can water it once a week and it will thrive.

Wax Plant

Despite being a vining species this plant grows slowly and is fairly easy to control. You can mist it regularly but it doesn’t need serious watering that often.



This is a popular plant for a few reasons, one of them being that it’s tough and capable of surviving without much attention. Not only that but it’s used by many in a few different ways.


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