Welcome Neighbors To The Neighborhood With Gestures Of Hospitality

When new neighbors move in, you want to do something kind as a gesture of hospitality and welcome to your little corner of the world.  But oftentimes, that thought slips by between the busyness of everyday life.  Don’t let that happen.  Our neighbors are those that live closest to us and can be there the quickest should we need help in an emergency.  You want to keep a good relationship with them and that starts by making them welcome when they move in.

But what should you do?  Sending over a jello mold hardly seems like the thing to do.  After all, who really eats those?  Well, don’t despair.  There are plenty of ways you can welcome a neighbor to your neighborhood and none of them involve a jello mold.

If you want to do something home-baked, muffins and breads are always well received by new neighbors.  If you want to go the extra mile, throw in a bag of Starbucks coffee and you will have made friends for life.  Gift cards to local restaurants are always a nice thing to give, especially to the local pizza places in your area.  We all know how hectic it is when you are moving and being able to have a pizza delivered can be downright heavenly on days like that.  Even showing up with a bag of paper plates, paper napkins and plastic forks and spoons can be a good idea because they can be used until the others are unpacked.

Another idea is to give a little booklet, like an index card booklet with all the important information about your town in it.  You can include things like where the best pizza place is, what pediatrician is your favorite and the times of local church services.  There is a lot of business involved in moving and your new neighbors may not have had time to have researched all of those things out and your recommendations may be very helpful.


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