15 Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden


Are you tired of rabbits treating your garden like their personal buffet? It is frustrating to see your hard work become a snack for these furry intruders. But don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to keep rabbits out of your garden without harming them. Here are 15 effective ways to keep your garden rabbit-free.

Install a Fence

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Put up a fence around your garden using chicken wire or hardware cloth. Make sure it is at least 2 feet tall so rabbits cannot jump over it, and bury it 6 inches deep to stop them from digging under. Check that there are no gaps or holes where rabbits could get through.

Use Raised Beds

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To keep rabbits away from your plants, try growing them in raised beds. These are like big, elevated wooden or metal boxes filled with soil where you can plant your veggies or flowers. Make sure they are at least 18 inches high so it is harder for rabbits to reach the plants. 

Plant Rabbit-Resistant Plants

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Add plants to your garden that rabbits do not like to eat. For example, you can plant marigolds, garlic, onions, and lavender. These plants have strong smells or tastes that rabbits usually stay away from, so they can help keep the rabbits out of your garden.

Spray Predator Urine

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Use sprays around your garden that smell like the urine of predators, such as foxes or coyotes. You can also use other organic commercial sprays made to keep rabbits away. These smells make rabbits think there are dangerous animals nearby, so they will be less likely to come into your garden.

Set Motion-Activated Sprinklers

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Install sprinklers in your garden that are designed to turn on automatically when they detect movement. This way, if a rabbit tries to sneak into your garden, the sprinkler will suddenly shoot out water. The unexpected burst of water will surprise the rabbit, making it uncomfortable and likely causing it to leave your garden and avoid coming back.

Clear Debris

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To make your garden less inviting to rabbits, regularly clean up any mess. Remove things like fallen leaves, tall weeds, and any rubbish that might give rabbits a place to hide. When rabbits do not have many hiding spots, they feel less safe and are less likely to stay in your garden.

Protect Trees

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To safeguard your young trees and shrubs from rabbit damage, cover the lower parts with tree guards made from either plastic or metal. These guards should be high enough to keep the bark protected, even when rabbits try to reach up or when snow piles up around the base. This protective barrier prevents rabbits from chewing on the bark.

Hang Scary Items

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You can use objects that scare them away to keep rabbits out of your garden. Hang up strips of shiny, old CDs or old aluminum pie pans in different spots. You can also place scarecrows. The idea is to create an environment that feels unsafe for rabbits so they will avoid coming near your plants.

Make Your Own Repellents

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Keep rabbits away by mixing up a repellent with things like hot pepper, garlic, or vinegar and water. Just mix these with water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it around your plants. This way, you can make your plants less tasty to rabbits without using any harsh stuff.

Make Some Noise

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Rabbits hate strange noises. You can try adding some kind of sound to your garden, such as hanging wind chimes or play the radio. The best is to use ultrasonic devices, but if you do not have one, others should work just fine. The idea is to use sounds that rabbits are not used to, so they will want to stay away.

Set Up Traps

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No animal likes traps, so the best way to keep them out of your garden is to set traps. You can easily find cage traps and box traps in online stores or even in local markets. Set them up in your garden, ideally where rabbits are messing things up. But remember to check the traps regularly. If you find a rabbit trapped, release it in a good spot away from your garden. 

Regularly Inspect

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Look for things like rabbit droppings or nibbled-on plants. If you see any signs of rabbits, take action right away. You might need to strengthen your fences or use more of the repellents you have made to keep them away. Checking your garden often and dealing with any rabbit problems quickly can help keep your plants safe.

Block Entry Points

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Start by examining the edges of your garden and any structures for possible entry points for rabbits. When you find these spots, close them off using wire mesh or durable barriers. This could involve repairing fence holes, blocking openings under sheds, or reinforcing other potential access points. 

Get A Dog Or A Cat

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Having a dog or cat around can be an effective way to deter rabbits from your garden. The presence of these pets can scare off rabbits. Dogs are particularly good at this, as their barking and activity can make rabbits feel unsafe. Cats, although more independent, can also keep rabbits away simply by being in the area.


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