Turn Old Discount Fabric into a Lovely Children’s Game


Anyone with a little bit of a crafty nature probably has an abundance of scrap fabric lying around the house. Anyone who quilts, sews or even scrapbooks probably spends a great deal of time in fabric stores picking out expensive fabrics with which to make beautiful gifts and even discount fabrics for those first-attempt projects. But what are you to do with all that scrap fabric? We have a cute, fun suggestion that’s also going to make your kids excited. You can use that scrap fabric to create a memory game that will help your little ones learn.

Gather Your Materials

The first step is to gather all your extra fabric, discount or expensive. You can get affordable fabrics from Moda Grunge Basics if you are wondering where to get one. You’re going to want to ensure you have enough to make what it is you want to make so that each piece is the same size. For example, you’ll likely want 7-10 difference fabric designs, and enough of each to make two same-size circles or squares.

Find a Common Fabric

This is the part that requires a bit of work on your part. You’re going to need to find a common fabric that you can affix to the back of each of your circles or squares so that the kids playing the memory game can’t see which fabric is on the other side. We recommend you choose one that’s darker than the fabrics you’re using on the front of each piece to ensure it hides the other side.

Put it Together

Using whatever tool you find most comfortable or effective, cut your squares or circles into the same sizes. You’ll then sew the plain fabric onto the back of each circle or square. Remember to make sure each one is the same size. When you are done, you have a fun and creative game of memory. To play, just have your kids or grandchildren turn each piece upside down so that you can only see the dark side, and then let each person take a turn picking up two pieces in an attempt to find a match. The key is to remember where each piece is so that you can find the matches.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images


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