Top Grass Trimmers Ranked From Worst to Best


Garden perfection isn’t just about the flowers you grow; it’s also about how you trim the edges. A grass trimmer, or weed eater, keeps your lawn’s edges as neat as its center by turning unruly grass into tidy lines. With options from quiet electric models to powerful gas-powered machines, you can pick the right trimmer to enhance your yard’s beauty and find ease of maintenance. Based on performance and reliability, we’ve ranked major grass trimmer manufacturers from the least to most recommended. So, who makes the cut? Here’s where each brand stands.

Honda: Rank #10

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With versions like the HHT35SLTAT and HHT35SUKA, Honda’s trimmers are engineered for power and durability, although they are less versatile. Equipped with a 360-degree inclinable engine, the HHT35SLTAT is ideal for slopes and vertical edging and excels in various positions, while the HHT35SUKA seamlessly combines brush cutting and trimming.

Ego: Rank #9

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Known for their battery efficacy, Ego string trimmers like the ST1521S and ST1623T have innovative features such as POWERLOAD™ technology and carbon fiber shafts, enhancing dependability and user comfort. These models are particularly valued for their quiet operation and minimal upkeep and are a preferred choice among environmentally conscious users.

Greenworks: Rank #8

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Greenworks focuses on eco-friendly solutions with units that cater to lighter yard tasks. Their 40V and 60V models have decent strength with details such as Load N’ Go for easy line reloading and adjustable speed settings, which help manage various vegetation types. However, they may struggle with dense undergrowth.

Makita: Rank #7

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With a focus on power and practicality, Makita’s XRU15Z and XRU18 models include Automatic Torque Drive Technology that tailors speed according to workload. These tools are sturdy enough for routine garden tasks and feature extended run times, though they don’t lead the pack in innovation.

DeWalt: Rank #6

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Professionals prefer DeWalt edgers for their durability and high efficiency in critical performance and battery life situations. Trimming becomes a breeze with units like the DCST970X1S, which blends heavy-duty potency with user-friendly designs. Their impressive power output offsets the slightly heavier build.

Ryobi: Rank #5

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Spotlighting an array of models, especially the 18V ONE+ series, Ryobi’s trimmers are acclaimed for their cost-effectiveness and decent functionality and are suitable for casual gardeners. Attributes such as adjustable snipping widths and extended battery life present great versatility and convenience for routine maintenance jobs.

Black+Decker: Rank #4

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Among Black+Decker’s trimmers, the LSTE525 and LST140C stand out for their strength and efficiency. These versions are equipped with features like EASYFEED and POWERDRIVE transmission, which provide enhanced torque and ease of line advancement.

Echo: Rank #3

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In addition to their fuel efficiency and cutting power, Echo’s models are designed to meet the demands of specialist landscapers, who require reliable, hard-wearing machinery. Their edgers, SRM-225i and SRM-2620T, are sturdy and durable, designed for longevity and operation under challenging conditions. 

Husqvarna: Rank #2

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High-powered functionality and innovative X-Torq engines that reduce harmful emissions characterize Husqvarna versions akin to the 525LS and 520iLK. They are suitable for heavy-duty professional usage and precision residential care, guaranteeing excellent vibration-dampening and ergonomic designs.

Stihl: Rank #1

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Stihl’s lineup, including the FS 91 R and FSA 57, presents advanced tech and ergonomic designs. Famous for their reliability and efficacy, Stihl trimmers provide potent delivery for professional landscapers and homeowners. Specifications similar to Easy2Start™ and AutoCut® heads make them a preferred choice for users seeking output and convenience.


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