Tips to Host Guests This Holiday Season

The holidays are officially here, which means that you might be in the midst of preparing your home to entertain guests – some overnight. If you have guests coming to stay with you this holiday season, it’s time to start preparing. The worst thing you can do is wait to the last minute while you’re trying to prepare holiday dinners and meals, shop and do a million other things at once. Here are three simple tips to help you out.


The dresser in the guest room isn’t the only piece of furniture that needs a good dusting. If you don’t use this room much, you’ll want to take the hose attachment from your vacuum and run it along the trim, the edges of your carpet and even up the drapes to remove all the settled dust. Those who suffer from allergies will thank you for this consideration.

Clean Out the Closet

Like most homeowners, spare closets tend to become catchall spaces. Clean out the guest room closet before your guests arrive for their holiday stay so that they have room to store their luggage and their belongings. It’s also a great way to get a little spring cleaning done in advance. Get rid of things you don’t use anymore, donate things that are useful – just not for your family – and make it a resolution to keep this closet free from clutter from this point on.

Create a Welcome Basket

A clean guest room and bathroom is nice for your holiday guests, but a personal touch is even nicer. A welcome basket placed in their room is a great way to say, “We love that you’re here,” (even if it’s not that true). Try placing towels, magazines, luxury bath items, a bottle of wine, a robe or anything else you find makes for a welcoming basket in your guest room.

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