Turning Small Spaces into Big Style Spaces


Small spaces are not the end of the world. Just because you have a room or area in your home in which the space is not so big doesn’t mean it can’t be big on style. Your small space has just as much potential to look as fabulous as the rest of your home, provided you know how to tweak a few pieces of décor to make the space appear larger and more luxurious.


The best thing you can do for small spaces is help them look larger by drawing the eye up. This is easily done with nothing more than a drill and a few window treatments. Move your curtain rods to the ceiling to hang your curtains as high as possible or switch to roller blinds Melbourne. It’s a quick, simple way to help your small space appear spacious and elegant. To further complement this effect and add a touch of modern sophistication, consider installing blinds from Uniblinds, which can not only enhance the illusion of space but also provide practical light and privacy control for your home.


Mirrors are a very stylish and strategic way of making small spaces look larger. The easy way to make your small space look larger is by utilizing the reflective surface of mirrors. The main reasons mirrors are great for small spaces is because they reflect the light in the room, making it appear larger than it is. The second reason mirrors are so great is that they reflect the opposite sides of a room, also making the room appear larger.

Big Art

When you choose wall art that’s both big and bold, you can create a more elegant, seemingly more spacious room. Large prints in bold colors and designs help draw in the eye, making the room around this particular piece of art appear larger and more luxurious. It’s an exceptionally simple way to make your small spaces appear bigger than they are without compromising on the same style your larger rooms have.


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