Tips To Help Your Clothing Look Professionally Ironed

We all love for our clothing to look as if it has been professionally pressed but who can afford that luxury?  Besides that, there is really no need to pay for that service when you can get the perfectly pressed look yourself like utilizing one of those personalised coat hangers.

The first step starts in the laundry room.  When you launder your clothing resist the temptation to let the clean clothes set in the dryer.  When you do this, the weight of the clothing on top of each other causes wrinkles.  When the dryer goes off, remove your clothing and hang them on hangers immediately until you have time to iron them.

There is a tip you would do well to remember at this point.  If you have an especially difficult piece of clothing to keep wrinkle free, hang it in your bathroom so it can absorb the steam while you shower which will aid in helping the wrinkles fall out.

When you have time to handle your nicely hung clothing, iron your clothing in order of the pieces that require the lowest amount of heat to the pieces that require the most amount of heat.  This way you avoid the risk of scorching the more delicate pieces of clothing.

Use starch when you iron.  It helps set the pressed look, locking it in place.  If you are ironing dark colored clothing be sure to give the clothing time to absorb the starch before you iron, usually ten to twenty seconds.

Iron your clothing both inside and out.  I think this is the best kept secret of all.  When you do this, your clothing has double the pressure coming at it to remove the wrinkles.  Just be sure to avoid any decorative emblem on your clothing which can easily be ruined with the iron.

Hang your clothing in your closet with enough space between them to prevent wrinkles from reoccurring.

If you follow these few tips you will have clothing that looks professionally pressed all of the time.


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