20 Tips for First-Time Flyers

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Here are 20 tips for first-time flyers. It’s recommended to at least look at the tips if you’ve never flown before, they can help.

Book the seat you want


It’s tough to know if you want to sit in the aisle or next to the window. But as a first-time flyer, it’s smart to pick your spot if you can.

Download the airline’s app


Trust me on this one, skip the lines if you can. Using the app you grab your boarding pass and go straight to security and then into the terminal. It’s time-effective and a lot less stress.

Purchase travel insurance


Things can go wrong, that’s a given. But if you buy insurance you’ll be safe just in case. If nothing happens, at least you were prepared.

Don’t pack heavy

Traveling far away


Check the size of your carry-on


There’s limited space on an airplane, keep that in mind. Every airline has rules about what size of bag you can carry, so make sure you check that out.

Don’t pack large liquids


Getting through security is tough enough sometimes. Limit your headaches by buying your stuff at your destination, or following the TSA guidelines.

Check your passport


If you’re traveling overseas then yes, this is a must. Too many first-time flyers don’t give the attention it needs. Do you want to get into the country and back home? Keep this updated.

Know your itinerary


Make sure you know everything about your trip from the time you leave your house to the time you touch down at your destination. First-time flyers have a lot to think about, so it’s best to keep a list on you.

Always show up early to the airport


The rule of thumb is to show up at least two to three hours before your flight. This might leave a lot of free time in the terminal, but at the very least, it makes sure that you have a time cushion should anything happen.

Contact your phone service provider


To avoid data roaming it’s smart to talk to your phone company. Otherwise, your bill is bound to skyrocket.

Respect your fellow passengers


An airplane is not a huge space, and a lot of people are going to be crammed in together. Brush up on airplane etiquette so you don’t make a major mistake.

Be aware of the change in time zones


This depends on where you go and how far away from home you are. But when traveling across time zones it’s fair to say that you’re going to be a little disoriented.

Have a little local currency on hand, but not too much


Exchange as you go, but have a little bit on hand just so you have something. Knowing your budget and sticking to it will help in a big way.

Contact your bank


Unless you don’t mind if your account is frozen due to charges the bank feels are fraudulent, give them a call. That, or make sure your card has a chip in it.

Make sure you bring your own entertainment


Airlines do offer magazines and, on longer flights, in-flight movies. But if you don’t want to pay for the headphones or don’t want to read the magazines, bring something to do.

Wear something comfortable


It doesn’t matter how long your flight is, it’s important to be comfortable. Understand the weather you’re heading from or into and dress accordingly.

Bring something to snack on


Unless you’ve got the extra cash to buy the pricey stuff in the terminal, you’ll want to bring your own snacks. Make sure they’re sealed or meet TSA guidelines, but otherwise, feel free to bring them.

Plan for a recovery day


Take at least a little time to recover from the flight. Yes, it’s tempting to get out and do everything you can, but a flight of any length does take a little out of you.

Rely on your credit cards if possible


It used to be that cold hard cash was the way to go. But carrying all that is kind of a risk.

Whatever happens, don’t panic


Things will happen if they’re meant to happen. Check your lists, check your supplies, and make sure you follow the steps that you’ve laid out. But if that doesn’t work to plan, then don’t panic, and figure out how to move forward.


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