Three of the Best and Most Useful Cleaning Hacks You’ll Ever Need

cleaning hacks

If there is one thing we love about life, it’s that we can learn cleaning hacks everywhere we go. The funny thing about it, though, is that most of us learn things throughout life that we didn’t even realize were hacks. It’s not until we are hosting a dinner party or engaging friends in conversation in the middle of the kitchen that they make it noticeable to the rest of us that our cleaning hacks are different than theirs. Sometimes, they’re even better. Sometimes I see a friend doing something I never imagined doing to clean up, and it’s enlightening. That’s why we have a few of our favorite cleaning hacks here for you.

Sanitize toys in the washing machine

I learned this trick from my teacher mother growing up. She would clean our toys in a laundry bag in the washing machine anytime we had guests over playing with them and anytime either my brother and/or I was sick. She’d stick them in there (removing batteries when needed) and she would stick them in the washing machine to really clean them well.

Use lemons in the garbage disposal

This cleaning hack is courtesy of one of my very best friends. I did not have a garbage disposal growing up. It wasn’t until we bought our dream house a year and-a-half ago, in fact, that I had a garbage disposal for the first time. I learned from a friend that every week I need to throw a few slices of lemon in there for a day or so before removing them. It not only cleans the disposal, it also helps improve the smell dramatically.

Baking soda to clean my stove top

In my house, we have double wall ovens and a flat surface stove top. If a drop of water overflows from a pan, it’s a mess. I’ve learned to clean that with the most amazing hack ever. Just mix a bit of baking soda with water until a thin paste forms. Rub it onto a towel or cloth and then use it to scrub the stove top glass surface. It’s instantaneous and amazing. Trust me on this; you’ll use it all the time.

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