Speed Cleaning Tips for Any Household


People speed walk, they speed date and they speed (and probably pay hefty tickets), so how come we can’t speed clean? I mean, speed cleaning is something that’s actually beneficial and would probably eliminate the need to speed (and save money thanks to not being pulled over anymore). Cleaning seems to take forever and even the part that’s supposed to be faster – like using the dishwasher – still requires time you just don’t have or want to dedicate, this is why so many people tend to go for a service like 서울 입주청소.

If you want to speed clean, here are a few ways to make it just a little faster.

Do a Circle

When you start in one room, do that room only. Go in a circle so that when you return to where you began, everything is clean. Do not leave a job half done while you move onto something else only to have to come back to that job again to finish it. Do one thing at a time – in a circle – and see how much faster you’re able to clean your house.

Carry a Caddy

If you place all your cleaning supplies in one place, such as a bucket with a handle, you’ll be able to clean so much faster. This helps because you’re not constantly running back and forth to your cleaning supply cabinet to get the different items you need to clean different rooms. You’d be surprised just how much time this actually saves on a daily basis.

Clean as You Go

It’s simple, really, and it makes the cleaning process so much faster. Having a routine and cleaning as you go makes it difficult to live in a messy house (trust me, I do this daily). Try cleaning as you go. To give you an example, I’ll tell you what I do and that it only takes a few minutes each time. I start by making the bed in the morning and then dusting the dresser, armoire and bedside tables and my master bedroom is clean for the rest of the day. When we finish with our coffee, we clean our coffee cups, put the accessories away, refill the water tank in the keurig and wipe down the counters. The kitchen is clean – all we do the rest of the day is clean it as we use it by placing dishes in the dishwasher and putting away everything we use and wiping counters.

The same goes for the bathrooms. Once we’ve all brushed our teeth and finished with makeup and hair, the counters and sinks and mirrors are wiped down and voila; clean bathrooms for the remainder of the day. Clean as you go and watch your house sparkle all day long.

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