Simple Design Tips for Small Spaces

Small spaces are often intimidating to homeowners. Many believe that small spaces mean that a room will lack style because there simply isn’t enough room to make it a gorgeous work of art. This is so far from the truth it’s almost laughable. Your small spaces might be small, but they have every bit as much potential to be big on style as any other room in your home. Here are three simple tips you can use to create big style in a small space.

Nesting Tables

If you want table space but don’t have the room all the time, use nesting tables. They’re three tables that slide beneath one another to create one table at a time. However, when you need more table space, you can pull the other two out and create more table space in a matter of seconds.

Shelving and Baskets

Nothing is more stylish than shelving that utilizes stylish baskets that look and feel elegant and sophisticated. Wait; there is. What’s more stylish than this is the fact that you can use these baskets to create a sophisticated look while hiding all the things you wish no one will see while they’re over. This includes books and magazines, children’s toys, blankets and pillows and other items that you typically like to have in your living room that make it look cluttered and small.

Long Curtains

Perhaps the simplest way to make small spaces look larger and more stylish is with trickery. Instead of hanging your curtain rods above the windows and choosing curtains that fit from the rod to the floor, choose longer curtains and hang your rods as close to the ceiling as they will go. This brings the eye upward and creates the look of larger windows and a bigger room. Your small space will look instantly more stylish and much larger with this simple trick.

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