How a Few Ice Cubes Can Completely Change Your Laundry Routine

For whatever reason, laundry always feels like one of the worst possible chores a person can do.  Whether you’re part of a big family or living alone it just seems like the clothes continue to pile on endlessly.  You dread the actual day you have to do the laundry because by the time that day comes you’ve procrastinated so long that the pile feels like it’s skyrocketed to the height of your house.  Funny though, ever notice how great a feeling it is when you’re done with laundry.  How great a feeling is it when those clothes are actually put away!  And by the way, what would you say your LEAST favorite part of laundry is?  For me I’m going with ironing.

If you don’t get to folding your freshly dried clothes, you’re always going to run into a wrinkle problem.  It’s inevitable.  And if you hate ironing, this video is going to change your life.  This quick YouTube tutorial will enable you to step away from the iron because after using this technique, you will never need one again.  All you need is a few ice cubes to ensure your laundry is clean and wrinkle-free.  Enjoy!


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