Hosting Any Event Made Simple

Hosting a cocktail party, dinner or event in your home is exciting, but it’s also overwhelming. Hosting is a big job – but someone has to do it – and it requires a few key pieces of knowledge that will make it not only easier and more efficient, but less stressful on you as well. Here are a few key pieces of information and tips that will help you make the most of your hosting duties so that you can enjoy a successful event with your guests.

Rotate DJs

Don’t be a music hog. Sure, it’s your party and you’re hosting, but it’s much more fun and your party will be much more successful if you allow your guests to have a little say and a little input. Invite them to all bring their iPods with so that you can rotate playlists so that there is a little something for everyone playing at all times. You might love your 80s hits playlist, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to spend the night listening to Journey and Bon Jovi (even though it seems impossible to me).

Don’t Feel the Pressure

If you want to sit down and have a conversation with someone, do it. Don’t worry that you’re hosting this event and that you should be up and about and entertaining all night long. Your guests understand that they can’t have your attention all night long. Guess what? They probably don’t even want it. Make sure you stop and converse with everyone in attendance, but don’t feel the need to be on top of everything and everyone at all times. Relax. Enjoy. Have fun hosting.

Create a Scene

No, not the kind of scene you expect to see a Real Housewife set, but the kind that speaks volumes about your hosting abilities. Buy fresh flowers and use them to decorate. Create centerpieces that will dazzle. It’s all in the small touches. Turn down the lights, create a little ambiance. Have some fun.

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