Handy Items To Have In Your Car To Make Your Life Easier

We are a people who live life on the go.  Life is just so busy that we find ourselves spending more and more time in our cars.  It only makes sense that we keep these handy items in the car to make our travels easier.

A box of Kleenex is an invaluable resource.  At our house, someone is always sneezing between September and May.  In a pinch, they can also be used as a napkin if a drive through forgets to give you one or to clean up messes.

Another one of those handy items you should have is a flashlight.  A flashlight is a good item to have because it will aid you if you are looking for something at night under your seat.

Extra straws, napkins,  and plastic spoons and forks are handy items to have tucked away in your glove compartment.  Most of us have experienced the frustration of going through a drive through to discover five miles down the road that we don’t have what we need.  If you store these you will always have a spare.

Baby wipes are invaluable on my list of handy items.  They can be used to wash faces and hands, wipe up spills off of the interior or even do a little cleaning of the dash and door panels if you are left with free time.

An umbrella one of the best handy items you can have in your car.  It is terrible to be caught out without one and find yourself in the middle of a drenching downpour.  If you make it a practice to keep an umbrella in your car you will spare yourself from this problem.

Pens and pencils are handy items to have in your car.  The kids always need them for homework and you need them to write down what you just spend with your debit or credit card.

Packing these handy items in your car will help you to be prepared for anything.



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