How to Grow Garlic at Home


No one loves garlic breath, but just about everyone loves garlic. It’s one of the best spices around. It goes with just about any dish you make and it adds this gorgeous flavor that’s simultaneously subtle and powerful. Garlic also offers health benefits to those who eat it, and it’s not expensive to grow at home. If you’re considering growing it at home, you’re in good company. It grows abundantly and it lasts a long time.

The key to a successful garlic garden is to know when to plant. In most regions of the country, garlic grows best when planted in the early spring or middle of fall. It doesn’t have a preference when it comes to climate (unlike the people who live in this country). However, garlic doesn’t grow as well where it’s hot and humid or very rainy (who does?).


How to Plant Garlic

Now that you know when to plant in your region, it’s time to do the job. Find an area in your yard that does not consist of clay soil and one that has plenty of drainage. It helps to add compost and/or manure to the area in which you plan on planting your garlic prior to doing so to help add nutrients. Finally, make sure that the area in which you’re planting has plenty of direct sunlight. While garlic is okay when it has a little shade, it requires ample sunlight to grow well.

To plant garlic, you do not need anything more than a fresh clove of garlic. Seeds are not necessary as garlic will grow well from the clove itself. The fresher the garlic you purchase, the better it will grow. All you have to do is toss it into a shallow hole in your chosen spot and water it once or twice each week. Too much water will cause your garlic to stop growing well.


To Keep in Mind

When choosing the number of cloves to plant when growing your own garlic, keep in mind that each individual clove will become its own plant. Do not plant several cloves in one hole and give them a bit of space to grow. Your local nursery can give you some advice on how much garlic you want to plant, when to plant it in your region and other useful tips that will help you in your garlic-growing endeavor.

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