Forget All the Other Wedding Advice, This is the Best Advice


Every time I turn around there is wedding advice here and there and everywhere. I love it, I do; but it is always the same advice time and time again. It’s never different. It’s advice on how to tell people they cannot invite other people to the wedding. It’s advice on how to keep great Aunt Susie from drinking too much and dragging all your skeletons from closet right out of the closet. It’s advice on how to handle that bridesmaid that suddenly seems to be rude, unhelpful and nasty to you even though you’ve been friends in the most amazing capacity the rest of your lives (either you did something awful or she’s just a you-know-what; either way, figure it out and handle it).

It’s all the same. I’m no wedding expert. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten married, and I’m all right with that. My wedding day was the best day, but my marriage has outshined that time and time again over the course of the past 11 years. I’m only 32, also, so this is kind of the age when a bunch of people are getting married and that means I go to a lot of weddings and I keep up. On that note, here’s a little something you might want to know about weddings; all the advice is good advice, bad advice and interesting advice. And it’s all important in its own way to certain people.

Some of the best advice for couples about to get married is some of the simplest advice. I mean it; it’s so simple you will not even understand how you did not already figure it out for yourself. Take my advice; you want this advice.

Ask the Caterer for A To Go Box

I didn’t get to eat the night of my wedding. When we got into the limo, I was famished. We got to our hotel, made it up to the honeymoon suite and did what all newly married couples do on their wedding night. We ordered room service and pigged out. We were starving, and there was nothing we could do about it but eat. You paid a lot of money (or someone you know or love did) for all that food, so you might as well enjoy some of it in the limo on the way home.

Bring A Tide To Go Pen

Someone is going to get something on her dress or yours, so bring one with you. I’m not kidding when I state that these things can get anything off anything – so bring one. You want to be prepared for anything, and this is the best way to do that without worrying your big day is ruined.

Keep the Kids Happy

We had kids at our wedding, and we didn’t mind at all. We didn’t mind because we didn’t have kids of our own and we didn’t care that other people did. They were not our problem, so we weren’t bothered by it. However, we did think about them and their parents, and we decided it would be a nice idea to get them a nice basket of fun things to do at their own special table. They had coloring books, crayons, little books, cards and their own special menu of kids food so that their parents didn’t have to worry about cutting up steak or fish for their little ones. It was a huge hit, and we were so appreciative.

Love, Love, Love Your DJ

I cannot stress to you enough how much you should love your DJ. He is going to make or break your wedding reception, so be sure you love him. He needs to be fun, fearless and have a big personality. A boring DJ without a great selection of music who does not know how to handle a wedding can ruin the night. Love him, pay him well, and tip him like you should when he does an amazing job.

Keep Someone by the Card Box

I hate this piece of advice, but I find that it is absolutely necessary in so many instances; keep someone you love and trust implicitly in charge of the card box. In more than one wedding I’ve been to and heard of, someone has come into the reception and helped themselves to the card box filled with cash and checks. It’s been people who wandered in unnoticed at a hotel – people not even part of the wedding or even on the guest list. It’s been a guest. It’s been a child. It’s been a subcontractor at the venue and it’s even been part of the staff. Anyone can do this at any time. I know you don’t want to live with this knowledge, but it happens and we don’t want it to happen to you.

Hire someone to guard it, remove it and put it somewhere safe when everyone has deposited their cards and well wishes for you. It’s going to be worth your time.

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