Improve The Entryway To Your Home With These Practical Ideas

The entryway to your home says a lot about you.  It also happens to be the first thing that guests see when they arrive therefore; you want to make sure that it makes a good impression.  What are some ideas on how you can give the kind of impression that you want to give.

First of all, you want to keep it clean and devoid of clutter.  The entryway is a very tempting place for everyone to drop their things when they get home.  Don’t allow this to happen with your family.  Designate other places where things can go or at least strive for organization by having baskets to hide things in.  Another way to avoid clutter collecting in your entryway is to have the family use a back entrance or side entrance to the home to keep the main entrance attractive for guests.

Choose a piece of furniture.  A piece of furniture in your entryway can be the focal point so make it a good one.  Many people choose to go with benches or a simple table to decorate.

Add the personal touch to your entryway by taking time to add décor to the area.  You can decorate a tabletop with a vase of flowers and a family picture.  You may want to choose wall art to decorate the walls.  There are many different directions that you can go when you decorate your entryway but don’t neglect to add some décor.

Don’t forget the door itself.  Be sure to add a touch of welcome to your door with a welcome mat beneath it or a pretty seasonal wreath on the door.  Your choice needn’t be elaborate; it isn’t the expense you go to but the personal touch that is so welcoming to guests.

If you are interested, Country Living has an article on ways to make your entryway more welcoming to visitors.


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