Easy Flowers to Incorporate into a Beginner’s Spring Garden


Spring is here and everywhere you look in your neighborhood the yards are filled with lovely flowers and gardens. Except for yours, that is. Maybe you have a brown thumb or maybe you just don’t know anything about gardening and have never really considered taking it up as a hobby. However, the beautiful colors and decadent fragrances in your neighbor’s yard are making you think twice about wanting your own garden. Reading a helpful site will help you learn more info about proper gardening. If you’re just starting out in the yard, here are three great flowers to grow. They’re simple, easy and foolproof. If you have a lawn in your yard, spring is also a great time to hire a lawn care company. Through professional lawn care services, you will be able to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the year.


Sunflowers are perfect for your garden because they grow tall and they grow quickly. They also require very little maintenance, which means you can plant them and basically let them take care of themselves with very little attention and care. You can get some valuable gardening practice taking care of sunflowers because it doesn’t matter if you forget to water them once or twice. They love direct sunlight and they only require water twice per week – if you live somewhere rainy, you won’t even have to take care of that yourself.


These are gorgeous flowers to plant along your fence or your property line. They grow as tall as seven feet, which means they’re a gorgeous barrier between you and your neighbors or just to cover your fence with beauty. They require a bit more maintenance than sunflowers, but not overly much. They should be planted in rich soil and watered every day, but other than that they are relatively easy to grow. It’ll give you good practice remembering to care for your garden.


Marigolds are small and lovely. Their bright yellow color makes them pop in any garden and look gorgeous most of the year. They require very little maintenance except for watering two or three times per week. They’re perfect to line your walkway to the front door or to plant at the edge of your drive.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)


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