Dealing with Annoying Neighbors the Correct Way

Annoying neighbors, unfortunately, happen to the best of us. We build or buy a home in a neighborhood that seems perfect for our growing families and our personal tastes only to discover within a few weeks of moving in that the neighbors are beyond annoying. Perhaps they leave their trash can at the end of the drive every single day, even when it’s not trash day, and you find yourself needing to drive around it 34 times a week thanks to the wind. Maybe they rock out to much too loud music at all hours or maybe they’re just talkers who are always in the yard; making it impossible to leave the house without a full on conversation.

Talk About It

Perhaps you could help to turn your annoying neighbors into not-so-annoying neighbors simply by talk to them about their annoying behaviors. For example, if they’re always leaving their trash can on their driveway where it blows over into the road, ask them if they’d have a problem with you bringing it up to their house for them. It provides the hint you’re trying to make (Get your junk out of the street) while avoiding a confrontation.

Stay Away

If they’re really annoying, just do your best to stay away. This can be difficult if you are trying to leave your home and they’re always trying to talk to you as you get into the car. If you can, park in the garage to avoid this. Otherwise, pretend you’re on the phone when you’re really in a hurry and only offer a quick wave. When you get desperate, carry a bunch of stuff outside with you so it looks like you’re bogged down and cannot stop to chat.

Just Be Nice

If your annoying neighbors are deliberately irritating, be nice anyway. Just be nice and they’ll be even more annoyed that their idiotic behavior isn’t bringing you down. This will annoy them to the point that they might stop, because it’s not getting them anywhere.


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