Common Baking Soda Uses for Around the House

Baking soda is something I always have to have in my home; it’s something I learned from both my mom and my grandmother. It’s not just an ingredient in the amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe my grandmother taught me; it’s a household product that has many different jobs. I promise you I think I use baking soda at least once a day, if not for cooking, then for something else entirely.  Here are three great things you can use your own baking soda to handle.

Odor Remover

One of the best aspects of baking soda is that it neutralizes odor. With two small children – and one on the way – odor is something that happens in this house. My kids like to do things that are super awesome, like drip milk from their no drip cups onto the carpet in their bedrooms or the area rug in the living room (really, wood floors throughout the house except their bedrooms and they manage to drip milk ONLY on carpet). Once I clean up the mess, I sprinkle baking soda on top of it to get rid of the odor. It’s also great to toss in the trash can when a dirty diaper makes a pleasant smell.

Fire Precaution

Since water is a negative when it comes to stopping a grease fire, I keep baking soda near the stove. I haven’t had to use this solution, ever, (knock on wood) but just in case, I keep baking soda near the stove to put out a grease fire in case I ever find myself battling one.

Bathroom Cleaner

It’s not always easy to remove the water stains (or toothpaste splatters if you are married to a man like mine, who cannot keep toothpaste in the sink) in the bathroom. When you put a little baking soda on a sponge and clean your grout, countertops and even your faucets, it is like a miracle.


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