Clean Your House Without Dealing With Chemical Fumes

Most people don’t enjoy the fumes that come when you clean your house and for some of us, they are downright bothersome.  Our family really suffers from allergies and asthma so scents of any kind have the potential to be irritating.  The fumes that you encounter when you clean your house can be extremely strong.  They are just a no-go for our family and I am sure there are many others out there that have the same issue.  Because fumes are something we cannot endure, I have learned several creative ways you can clean your house without dealing with chemical fumes.

Water can really do a good job on it’s own.  I dust by using a damp cloth.  It serves the purpose of removing the dust.  I also use a damp cloth to clean my mirrors, television screens, glass doors and windows.  I do this by running the damp cloth over it and following with a dry paper towel to buff it and make sure there are no streaks.  You can do a lot with a damp cloth when you clean your house.

As far as the bathroom goes, I have found baking soda to be a great product when I need to scrub.  It does a good job of removing soap scum and deodorizing, too.  When I run onto really tough spots, I use an Magic Eraser.  Magic Eraser products do a wonderful job at removing tough to clean spots in your house.  They also are wonderful at removing stains.  I have found them to be very effective at removing stains from the top of my stove.  They also are wonderful anywhere you need to remove grease, too such as the top of your exhaust fan.

For more tips on how to clean your house without dealing with chemical fumes, you may enjoy this article by Martha Stewart.

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