A Clean House Can Reduce Allergy Risks

The American Environmental Protection Agency has reported that indoor air oftentimes if 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The reason for this among many others can be dust, gas stoves, air fresheners, carpet and household cleaning products.

Polluted air can cause a number of allergies or worsen the existing ones. For the past decade the number of people suffering from asthma has increased immensely. There are many factors that cause asthma and, sadly, most of them are to be found at home. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to remove every allergy trigger since we now live in a world highly-dependent on technology, chemicals, artificial alternatives to natural ones and other stuff like that. There may even be radon in our very own homes which can affect our health negatively. It is then strongly recommended to schedule radon testing with the help of services that offer professional Radon Tests especially if you are moving to a new house. Afterwards, regular indoor air quality monitoring is advised to ensure that your indoor air is always clean and safe.

If we want to live in an all clean and fresh world, we will probably have to consider living in outer space as the level of pollution on a global scale is less than appealing. But since we can’t, we can at least do some things to provide a clean environment for us and for our beloved ones.

And while outdoor environment is dependent on all the people residing a city or country, indoor environment is something that is entirely up to us. Up to you. You can make your house clean and fresh to provide a better and healthier atmosphere. If you want to avoid health problems, there are a few things you can do for your home. A clean house is believed to reduce allergy risks. This means that no dirt, dust mites and grease should be tolerated. .


# Normally, you clean your house on a weekly basis and this should be enough to get you rid of bad germs and air pollutants. The trouble is, if you tend to use normal household cleaners, the ones that contain a cocktail of chemicals, you are probably doing more harm than good to yourself. It is true that commercial cleaning products can work great for every surface at home, almost without scrubbing and rubbing, but not without a cost. There is always a price to pay. Here you are sacrificing your health and that of your family. For this reason, experts advise that you reduce the use of commercial cleaners and try old natural methods for getting your house spic-and-span.

Almost every surface can be cleaned with baking soda and white vinegar. They don’t have a strong odor and don’t pose any risks to your health or to nature.

# Apart from this, it is recommended that you clean and air your house on a regular basis. You should open the windows for a while to let fresh air even in cold wintry days. You ought to dust and vacuum the house, among other things. Additionally, you should always pay attention to the areas that get dirty faster and easier. Whenever a spill or stain occurs, be sure to remove it instantly so that you avoid problems in the future.

# Mold and mildew need your attention the most. No matter how clean your house is, if you let mildew grow, you risk polluting the air and your lungs as well. Both fungi are hard to combat and can cause a number of health problems. So make sure you stay away from them. According to a mold damage restoration team, mold can occur for a number of different reasons, so having the proper solution for your mold problem is crucial.

# If you have pets, your house should be cleaned more often than you usually do. Pets can bring dirt from outside and spread it everywhere in the house. Besides, they leave hair on the floor and furniture. Sometimes they leave other “things” in the house. Which is why you ought to be very careful when doing the chores.

This is just a reminder of how important it is to have a clean home in order to minimize health problems and live in a healthier atmosphere. Take into consideration the tips mentioned above and put them into practice.

July is a writer and manager of a tenancy cleaning company. She is dealing with indoor environment problems daily and knows how to find solutions to health and cleaning issues.

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