Cheap Kitchen Hacks to Keep It a Happy Place


The kitchen is the room in the house that means the most to everyone; it’s the room that is absolutely the most important room in the house. You cook, congregate, plan, discuss, love and live in this room. When we host gatherings at our house, we tend to all end up in the kitchen, around the bar and we completely ignore the beautiful porches and decks and other rooms we have in this house of ours, and it’s because the kitchen is the place to be in any house. Small or large, functional or not, stylish or in need of a renovation, it never seems to matter. It’s the kitchen in which we always end up spending the most amazing amount of time, and it’s because this room is the epitome of home and well-being. That’s why you have to make this room your happy place. You are not going to enjoy spending so much time here if you’re not having fun here at the same time, so we have some suggestions for you to make this room a happier place.

Fresh Herbs

The one way you can easily turn your kitchen into the happiest room on the block is with fresh herbs. Put them on your windowsill and watch as they grow and help you make your dishes that much fresher and that much more amazing.

Fresh Flowers

Our kitchen – my home office and our dining room and living room – are always with fresh flowers. We suggest heading to the supermarket or florist and picking up a handful of daisies or peonies or tulips and placing a few in a little glass, mason jar or vase to make your kitchen look bright and cheerful at very little expense.

Use Glass Containers

It’s so much prettier to store your bulk ingredients in pretty containers, and we love solid glass containers for your flour and your sugars. It’s so pretty and elegant, and it makes your kitchen feel so much like home.

Get a Pretty Wine Rack

If wine makes you as happy (and awesome) as it does me, then you are going to need a pretty wine rack. Even with a bar, you will need a rack of this nature to help you make sure your kitchen feels a bit more like home – and that the wine is easily accessible when you’re cooking or visiting.

Install a Gorgeous Backsplash

We love the concept of peel and stick glass tiles to make a big splash (pun absolutely and completely intended) in any kitchen, and yours is not an exception to this rule.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Bloomingdale’s


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