6 Clever Ways To Keep Your Bananas Fresh For Longer

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Bananas, the golden treasure of the fruit bowl, are loved by many but notorious for their fleeting, perfect ripeness. One moment, they’re bright yellow and firm, and seemingly, in the blink of an eye, they’re spotted and soft. Fear not, banana aficionados! We’ve peeled back the mystery to reveal six ingenious ways to keep your bananas good to eat for longer.

Hang Your Bananas

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Hanging bananas mimics their natural growing position and prevents them from bruising each other. It also slows the ripening process as the air circulation around the bananas improves. So, go ahead and give your bananas a swing on a dedicated banana hanger.

Buy Green Bananas


Planning ahead? Opt for the greenest bananas on the shelf. They’ll take their sweet time to ripen, giving you a longer window of banana enjoyment. Plus, you’ll be able to watch them transition from a vibrant green to the perfect shade of yellow at your own pace.

Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic Wrap


It’s a wrap on rapid ripening! Covering the stems in plastic wrap blocks the release of ethylene gases, which are responsible for ripening. This simple trick can add days to your bananas’ lifespan, keeping them firm and yellow for your smoothies and snacks.

Place Ripe Bananas in the Fridge


Chill your bananas out. Once they’ve reached your preferred level of ripeness, pop them in the fridge. The cold environment won’t stop the peel from darkening, but it will significantly slow down the ripening of the fruit inside.

Freeze Your Bananas


For the long haul, freezing is your best bet. Peel and slice bananas, then freeze them on a tray before transferring them to a bag. They’ll be your go-to for creamy smoothies or a cold treat that’s reminiscent of ice cream.

Buy a Banana Hat


Yes, you read that right—a banana hat. It’s a tiny hat to seal and insulate your bananas’ stems and prevent ethylene gas from turning them brown too quickly. Who knew fashion could be so functional?


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