15 Surprising Uses for Vaseline in Your Daily Life


Vaseline is a miracle product with many uses beyond just moisturizing skin. This versatile petroleum jelly can solve everyday problems cheaply and easily. Here are 15 amazing Vaseline Life-Hacks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

Banish Stubborn Water Rings


Is your furniture looking worse, thanks to pesky water rings? Don’t despair! Buff a thin layer of Vaseline onto the mark and let it sit overnight. Wipe it clean in the morning for a ring-free finish. Wood restored, crisis averted!

Squeaky Hinges? 


Spray some Vaseline on those squeaky hinges, and the squeak is gone. The lubricating jelly makes metal doors, cabinets, or any type of hinges move smoothly and silently. No more cringing at that awful squeaky door.

Zip Up Your Troubles

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A stuck zipper can send shivers down your spine. Here’s a quick fix: rub a bit of the soft jelly along the teeth of the zipper. It’ll glide like a charm, saving you from a wardrobe malfunction and a potential meltdown.

Gum in Hair Solved

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Everyone’s nightmare is gum stuck in hair. But don’t panic and reach for the scissors yet. Simply massage a liberal amount of the jelly into the gummed-up strands. Let it sit for a few minutes to break down the sticky gum, then gently brush and comb—the gum will ease immediately without a single haircut.

Removing Stuck Rings 


Don’t rush to the emergency room when a ring gets stuck on your finger and refuses to budge. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the ring and finger, then slowly twist the ring while gently pulling. The slick petroleum jelly provides just the proper lubrication to allow the ring to slide off smoothly, with no excessive tugging or struggling required.

Stop Scissors From Sticking

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Having scissors stick when wrapping gifts or cutting shapes is the worst. Dab a thin coat of petrolatum on the blades, and they’ll cut smoothly and cleanly with no more stuck messes.

Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer


For long-lasting nail polish that doesn’t chip easily, smooth a thin layer of Vaseline around your nails first. Petroleum jelly forms a buffer between polish and nails, preventing chipping and peeling so your manicure stays flawless for way longer.

Prevent Baseball Mitt Cracking


To prevent expensive baseball mitts and gloves from cracking and drying out, buff a coat of Vaseline into the leather several times a year. This mineral oil conditioning treatment keeps the material supple and solves cracking and stiffening issues.

Mustache Wax Substitute

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Forget fancy mustache waxes! In a pinch, Vaseline can come to the rescue. A tiny dab of the petroleum gel works as a stand-in wax to smooth, shape, and hold mustache hairs in place all day.

Polish Metal to a Shine 


Make metals shine like new by rubbing them with a Vaseline-coated cloth. As the lubricating jelly combines with the warmth of rubbing, it polishes brass, chrome, stainless steel, and more to a gleaming finish.

Fix Stripped Screws with Ease 


Can’t get that stripped screw to turn? Fill the chewed-up hole with the petrolatum before trying again. It lubricates and builds up friction, allowing you to turn stuck stripped screws.

Unstick Gum Mess from Surfaces 


The mess from gum stuck to tables, floors, or countertops can easily be resolved. Apply the soft white gel and let it sit for an hour—the gum will become smooth and pliable enough to scoop right up.

Shine On


Buff Vaseline onto leather shoes to restore shine and protect them from the elements. Bonus tip: it also works wonders on vinyl handbags!

The Secret to a Silky Shave


Achieve a smoother, irritation-free shave by applying a thin layer of Vaseline to your legs before shaving. Not only will it allow the razor to glide smoothly, but it will also leave behind silky-smooth skin.

Tame Dry, Cracked Heels

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Heal those dry, cracked heels with the white petrolatum overnight treatment. Slather a generous amount on your feet, slip on some socks, and wake up to softer, happier heels.


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