15 Innovative Ways To Use Pool Noodles

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Did you know that a simple pool noodle can be the unsung hero of household innovation? While its primary purpose is to keep us afloat, the colorful foam cylinders harbor a plethora of surprising uses that can streamline your daily routine. From organization solutions to creative DIY projects, let’s explore 20 ingenious pool noodle hacks that will revolutionize how you approach mundane tasks.

Outdoor Cushion Comfort:

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Upgrade your outdoor seating with DIY cushion inserts made from sliced buoyant foams. Wrap the noodles in fabric and secure them inside cushion covers to add extra padding to your patio furniture.

Cable Organizer Extravaganza:

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Are you tired of tangled cords cluttering your workspace? Slice a pool noodle into sections and cut them open to create handy cable organizers. These arrangers make your cords neat, preventing the dreaded tangle monster from striking.

Door Stop Delight:

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Let’s bid farewell to slammed doors with this simple trick: slice a pool noodle in half and wedge it beneath the door to prevent it from swinging shut. Now, you can breeze through your home without the annoyance of constantly adjusting unruly doorways.

Pool Toy Organizer:

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Maintain a clutter-free pool deck by repurposing a noodle as a convenient toy arranger. Slicing a section of the noodle lengthwise and securing it to the edge of a storage bin creates a soft, buoyant barrier that easily corrals pool toys.

Boot Shapers:

Arizona’s Dukes of Air/Facebook

Your boots can stay flawless by simply inserting cut pool noodles for shape preservation. Say goodbye to floppy, crumpled boots cluttering your closet and maintain their pristine condition effortlessly!

Playful Pool Raft:

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Turn a pool noodle into a playful raft by slicing it lengthwise and attaching the ends with zip ties or sturdy tape. Now, you can float in style without spending a fortune on expensive inflatables.

DIY Floating Cooler:


Any swim party can be transformed into a fantastic affair with a DIY floating cooler made from a vivid noodle and a plastic storage bin. Simply fasten the noodle around the perimeter of the bin, fill it with ice and beverages, and watch as your guests marvel at your ingenuity.

Lawn Game Bonanza:

The Farmers Wife/Facebook

Your backyard gatherings can be more fun and exciting with various lawn games crafted from vibrant noodles. From ring toss to giant Jenga, these versatile foam tubes are the secret ingredient to endless outdoor entertainment.

Floating Drink Holder:

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Pool time can be a happy hour with a floating drink holder crafted from a pool noodle! Just cut a section of noodles and thread a string through it. Then secure it around your favorite beverage to keep it afloat while you bask in the sun.

Pet Protector:

SweetPups Nation Rescue and Sanctuary/Facebook

Attach segmented floaty foams to furniture to protect your furry friends from sharp edges and corners. This creates a pet-friendly environment that minimizes the risks of bumps and bruises.

Crafty Curtain Rod:

Home Junkie/Facebook

Do you need a budget-friendly curtain rod? Look no further than your stash of pool noodles! With just a few cuts and a tension rod, you have instant window decor that won’t break the bank.

Slipper Saviors:

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Extend the life of your slippers by crafting custom-fit inserts from colorful noodles. Tracing the outline of your foot on a noodle and cutting along the lines will provide an additional layer of comfort and support to your favorite pair.

DIY Wreath Base:

Olivia’s Romantic Home/Facebook

Get crafty with floaty noodles by using them as the base for DIY wreaths. Bend the foam into a circle, fasten the ends with duct tape, and decorate with colorful seasonal embellishments for a festive touch.

Car Door Buffer:

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Affix sliced noodles to the edges of your garage walls to prevent dings and scratches on your car doors (and your neighbor’s). Now, you can leave your vehicle with peace of mind, knowing that your car and neighbors are safe from accidental collisions.

Handy Hose Holder:

Arvind Sharma/Facebook

Keeping your garden hose neatly coiled and tangle-free is now ever easy. Craft a DIY hose holder from—you guessed it—a pool noodle! Organize your hose by coiling it around a lengthwise-cut noodle, then attaching it to the wall or fence.


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