15 Clever Ways to Use Your Leaf Blower

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Leaf blowers are often associated with clearing away fallen foliage. However, these versatile machines are capable of tackling a variety of tasks beyond leaves. Read this article to learn about 15 innovative ways to use this simple yet helpful tool.

Clean Your Car

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Your trusty leaf blower can do wonders for sprucing up your vehicle. Use it on low to gently dislodge loose debris like leaves and dirt from the exterior, and pay special attention to nooks and crannies. Next, switch to a higher setting to blast away stubborn debris from hard-to-reach areas.

Move Insects Without Touching Them

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For those who prefer to keep their distance from creepy crawlies, your leaf blower offers a humane solution for relocating insects. Set your leaf blower to low, and the airflow will create a gentle breeze that encourages insects to move away from the area without causing harm.

Disperse Standing Water

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Whether after a rainstorm or a poolside splash, your leaf blower can quickly clear away standing water from driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces. The flow will disperse the water and help it evaporate quickly with minimum effort. 

Blow Up Pool Floats


Your leaf blower can help inflate pool floats and inflatable toys with ease. Attach the nozzle and insert it into the valve of the pool float. Turn on the leaf blower after selecting low speed, allowing the powerful airflow to inflate the float in seconds.

Clear Away Pollen

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Your leaf blower can help prevent seasonal allergies by clearing pollen from outdoor surfaces. Choose the low-to-medium speed setting and use sweeping motions to gently remove pollen from decks, patios, and outdoor furniture.

Dry Your Car

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Why waste time waiting for your car to air dry when your leaf blower can do the job in a fraction of the time? The strong airflow will quickly evaporate water droplets, leaving your car streak-free and ready to hit the road in no time.

Remove Dirt from Walkways


After adding new plants, transform your grimy pathways into pristine passages with the leaf blower’s power. Begin by clearing away loose debris like leaves, twigs, and stones with a quick pass on a low setting. Next, adjust the blower’s nozzle to concentrate the airflow and target hard-to-remove grime.

Dust Away Under the Piano

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The hidden spaces beneath large furniture pieces like pianos can be hard to clean, but the narrow nozzle can help clear those out. Guide the airflow under the piano, effectively dislodging dust without heavy lifting.

Banish Cobwebs


Attach a narrow nozzle or extension wand to your blower and set it to a low to medium speed. Start from the top corners of the room and work your way down, directing the airflow to dislodge cobwebs from ceilings, walls, and corners.

Keep Your Dryer Vent Clear


Protect your home from potential fire hazards by keeping your dryer vent hose clean with the assistance of your leaf blower. Disconnect the dryer vent and attach the narrowest nozzle to your blower. The high-pressure airflow will dislodge built-up lint, allowing it to be expelled safely outside.

Clean Up a Dirty Mower


Give your lawnmower the TLC it deserves by using your leaf blower to rid it of grass clippings, dirt, and debris. Remove any large clumps of grass from the deck and blades using a brush. Next, fire up your leaf blower, directing the flow over the surface of the mower. 

Thread Wires


The leaf blower will help you with threading wires through pipes. Attach a lightweight item to the end of the wire and switch on your leaf blower. Gently blow air through the length of the wire, and it will push it through tight spaces, saving you time and frustration.

Clean Your Gutters

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Equip your leaf blower with a gutter cleaning attachment or extension wand to reach high places safely from the ground. With the blower set to medium-to-high speed, guide the attachment along the length of the gutter, blasting away leaves and twigs.

Dry Outdoor Furniture

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Help your outdoor furniture last longer by keeping it dry and free from moisture buildup with your leaf blower. After rain showers or morning dew, switch on your leaf blower to a low to medium speed and gently blow air over the surface of your furniture.

Clean Dusty, Dirty Filters

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Ensure optimal performance from your household appliances by regularly cleaning dusty and dirty filters with your leaf blower. Whether it’s your HVAC system, vacuum cleaner, or air purifier, your leaf blower will remove trapped dust safely to help prolong the life of filters and improve air quality in your home.


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