10 Uses for Vinegar You Didn’t Know About


Many things in life don’t seem overly interesting, yet people insist on discussing them like the latest trailer for “50 Shades of Grey,” and no one cares – about either, really. And as much as we detest this innocuous conversation, we are going to do the same thing. But the difference is that we are going to bring up something that seems relatively boring and unexciting, and then we are going to blow your mind. See, that’s the difference between boring and powerful. You start out so-so and then you end on a note so crazy that you can’t believe what you just read. Okay, so vinegar isn’t that exciting – but now I have your attention and I can tell you that while it’s not a thrilling topic, it is one that has more to it than you might assume. In fact, vinegar is a bit of a monopoly; you might not think about it much, but there are hundreds of things you can do with vinegar to make your life a bit easier. Read on to find out what they are.

It Neutralizes Odors

The good news about vinegar is that it is really good at neutralizing odors in your home, which is good news for anyone who is looking to get rid of something that may or may not be unpleasant. For example, if your house smells a bit questionable thanks to the presence of an animal or even the smell of a less-than-wonderful new baby, you can neutralize those odors by leaving a little bit of vinegar out to absorb the smell.

It Removes Window Frost

Mix together three parts vinegar and one part water and you will have a magic eraser for frost on the windshield. If you can’t park in your garage and you’re tired of working to remove the ice on your windshield every single morning, this is going to be the best solution for you. It’s simple, and you can premix it and leave it in the garage so that you don’t even have to do any additional work in the mornings.

It’s a Cleaning Agent

Mix vinegar with water and baking soda and you have a cleaning agent. It’s strong enough to really clean your counters and other household objects, but gentle enough so that it is not at all toxic for your kids or pets. It’s also a lot more cost-effective to make your own cleaner than it is to rely on the cleaners you purchase in the store. It’s a great alternative.

It Helps with a Sore Throat

When you mix a little vinegar with a cup of warm water and swallow it, you will find that your throat feels much better. The key is to do this every hour on the hour to fight off your sore throat and keep the pain at bay. You’ll find that this is a great alternative to medications and other things that make you feel like you’re even sicker than you actually are, and you are welcome.

It’s a Bug Repellant

If you have a problem with ants, go ahead and spray some vinegar on your windows and your door frame. The vinegar is going to ward off the unwanted creatures in your house and make it less likely for them to come back. They’re not going to want to come near the solution, which means that it’s easier for you to keep them out of your house. Do yourself a favor and spray this on these areas of your home periodically and you will note that the presence of bugs in your home is greatly reduced. In fact, you won’t see any more ants at all.

Bye-Bye Wood Water Rings

Water rings on wood are a nightmare because you just know they will not come off. It never fails to upset you that someone would set down a cup or glass without a coaster, but someone always manages to do just that. And we all know that person is guilty every single time. Instead of panicking, however, go ahead and use some vinegar to remove the water rings from the wood. It’ simple and it takes only minutes.

See You Later Clogged Drains

Pour some vinegar down your drains and wait for the miracle that is an unclogged drain to happen. You are going to be shocked at just how effective this method is when you have a clog somewhere that’s making you nuts. It’s a lot more cost-effective than using store-bought drain chemicals and it’s certainly a lot less expensive than calling a plumber and asking him or her to come take care of this issue on your behalf.

A Cleaner Coffee Pot

When you run vinegar through the coffee pot instead of water, the smell is far less appetizing. However, the result is awesome. You will have a much cleaner pot that filters your coffee with a lot more success, and you will have better coffee the following morning. Just remember to brew a few pots of water once you clean the pot with vinegar to remove the smell and the taste from the pot.

A Sanitized Cutting Board

Cutting boards are difficult. You can’t wash them – at least it’s recommended you do not stick them in the dishwasher – and this makes it feel almost as if you cannot get them cleaned adequately. So what do you do? You have to do what is best for your cutting board; and that’s what is going to make your life a lot easier than you think. You can wash your cutting boards with vinegar to sanitize them properly and rest assured that your board is actually very clean.

Microwave Cleanliness

When the microwave needs a bit of attention, and let’s face it; this happens often, try cleaning it with vinegar. It’s going to remove tough stains, it’s going to make the cleaning process a lot easier, and it’s going to make it possible for you to move onto things that you enjoy a lot more than cleaning the microwave. Like putting popcorn in it and sitting down to relax.

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