What Are The Time Stealers In Your Life And What To Do With Them

Life is busy and you need every available minute to get everything that you need to do done.  Whether you work outside of the home, are a stay at home mom or another title altogether, you no doubt find yourself wanting more time in the day.  You wonder where all of your time goes.  Let’s identify the time stealers in your life and figure out what to do about them so you can be more productive which is what we all really want.

The first of the time stealers you probably have in your life is the telephone or cell phone.  We often don’t realize how long we are on the phone.  Sometime it is an unavoidable call such as a business call.  Sometimes it is your parents of someone you really want to keep check on and feel is worth taking time out of your day for.  Other times we find ourselves talking to a girlfriend that we dearly love but chat with more than once daily or gossiping about someone.  It is then that we know we need to cut the calls down a bit to help up our productivity.

The television is one of the time stealers.  You knew I was going to go there, didn’t you?  We all have shows that we love and enjoy but we need to make sure we do love them and not just like them.  Save your time for the shows you truly love rather than just like.  Make your time count while you are watching it.  Exercise or fold a load of towels while watching.  Unload the dishwasher while the commercials are on.  There is always the option of recording it on your DVR so that you can fast forward through the commercials.

Everyone’s time stealers are unique to them; these are just two of the most common time stealers.  Whatever yours is, find a way to make it a pleasure to enjoy and not just one of the time stealers any longer.


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