Get Your Weekend Chores Completed And Still Have Time For Fun

Weekend chores loom over the weekend like a dark cloud.  You work hard all week long and look forward to some time for fun on the weekend then find yourself spending all weekend doing the dreaded weekend chores.  But the good news is you can recover your weekend and get all your chores done, too.

The trick to making the most of your weekend is to plan it out.  Yes, it seems to kill spontaneity but you will find that you will make the most of your time if you are careful to plan it carefully.  Schedule your fun activities first then plan your weekend chores around them.  If you do this in reverse, scheduling the chores first then trying to fit in fun activities then you will find that there is no slot for fun because the chores can take over every minute if you allow them to.

Make sure the division of time is reasonable.  You cannot expect that you get your weekend chores done if you plan to spend 90% of your weekend doing fun activities.  Aim for at least half of your weekend hours to be spent on chores.  The fun activities that you have planned will keep you motivated to power through.

Use your most energetic times to dig into the weekend chores.  If you are night owl, it might be best to stay up late on Friday night to get your work in.  If you are a morning person, rising early on Saturday might be your best bet.  You know your routines and times of productivity best; figure out how to make them work for you.

It is important to have a good work and pleasure balance.  Figuring out the best way to accomplish weekend chores while having fun as well is an important thing to do.

Image Credit: The Sunday Times


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