Five Simple Tips To Help you Manage Your Time

As someone who does about 40-50 different tasks throughout the day, it’s somewhat difficult to accomplish all of these tasks in a cohesive and constructive way. At times when you realize all the mundane (and necessary) “stuff” you have to do it can become overwhelming and will actually prohibit you from doing your tasks in the amount of time you’d like.

Here I’m going to talk about five effective strategies that will help you get all the annoying out of the way so you can focus on “you time” which is essential to being productive and having less stress…..

1. A To Do list

Not everyone has to have the exact same to-do list. What I’m saying is if you’re comfortable putting things in a word document and printing it out every day (that’s what I do) then do it. If you’re comfortable using Google Calendars, then do it. It doesn’t matter what format it’s in but if you have a to-do list that you make in some way, each day, and stick to it? You’re time will be much better spent then if you had a zillion tasks to do and no order to them whatsoever.

2. Taking Breaks Throughout the Day

Yes, actually taking a break can get your mind back on track. Amazingly you’d be surprised how much more you can get done when you take a break and then return to your desk. Think of this as a “reboot” for your brain. I would say I take about 30 min off per day in “small breaks” which involve just getting up and taking a walk around the house. I then come back and spend an hour or two working. That time spent ends up being way more productive than if I try and bang out 4-5 hrs at a time.

3. No Distractions Time Blocks

This one is crucial. It’s all about keeping promises. You say to yourself “OK, from 9-11 I’m all business. No emails. No phone calls. No nothing. I”m working.” Then, actually follow through with it. Know exactly what you need to do in those 2 hrs and get it done. You’ll be amazed at how productive you’ll be. And if you finish early, get ahead for the next time block.

4. Exercise

You might be asking yourself “huh?” How does exercise help in time management? Exercise is crucial to having a better brain to function. As little as 30 min a day of brisk walking can make a difference. I’m not a doctor but I can tell you this. A better body certainly leads to a better mind. So take a little bit of time to reward your own body by exercising.

5. Switch It Up, Break Up the Routine, Make it a Game

Let’s say you have 10 tasks to do. Don’t do the same 10 tasks in the same order every single day. Break it up. Do 3 things, followed by 5, then 2. Or then switch it up. Make it a game. Have a goal when you can finish certain tasks. Etc etc. Too much of the same thing can get really boring. You gotta keep yourself interested.

*Set Rules

This “game” is being played with yourself so you can only cheat yourself. If you break a promise to yourself then you are only letting yourself down. You gotta treat yourself well and promise to get things done. Even if they start off really small.


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