Creating More Time in Your Holiday Schedule

This time of year time is even more of the essence than ever before for most moms. There’s holiday shopping to do, decorating to do, parties to attend, plays at the kid’s school, trips to see Santa and so much more. It seems there’s no time to breathe right now. If you’re the kind of mom who can’t even find an hour to schedule a massage this time of year (that would be me), you might want to take note of three tips that will help you save a little precious time in your holiday schedule.

Cook in Advance

Make the crock pot your best friend this time of year. Cook in it as much as possible. Pre-plan your meals a week or two at a time so that all you have to do in the morning is dump everything in the crock pot and serve it fresh and delicious when everyone is home for the day. You might save yourself a precious hour of cooking and cleaning – especially if you make someone else do the dishes.

Make a List

Nothing is more frustrating than shopping for the holidays and not remembering if you got something for this person or not. Keep a list; write down what you bought for each person so that you officially know when you’re done, you don’t overbuy for someone and under buy for someone else and so that you don’t forget anyone.

Wrap Efficiently

If you have several gift exchanges during the holidays, you know how frustrating it is to dig a few presents out from beneath the tree and the 100s of presents already wrapped beneath it. Do what I do; color coordinate. With up to four major exchanges with extended family, friends, Christmas morning at home, and school/work gifts, it’s the best thing I ever did. For example, I wrap all gifts for people who will be at our home opening gifts Christmas morning in red paper. I wrap all gifts for our Christmas Eve exchange in green. All gifts for our friends children exchange the week before Christmas are wrapped in blue and all work related or school gifts are wrapped in silver. This way, I can grab the colors I need without digging through the gifts and reading 100 name tags.


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