What You Should Quickly Clean When You Are Having Unexpected Visitors

Unexpected visitors always seem to choose the worst times to come, don’t they?  You get that phone call that a visitor is on their way then look around and realize that your house is a disaster.  What should you quickly clean before your unexpected visitors make their arrival?  Here is a quick guide to get you through.

Focus on the main rooms.  Chances are very, very slim that they will make it past your living room, kitchen and dining room areas if they are just stopping in for a quick visit.  Close off the doors to all of the bedrooms, bathrooms and additional rooms to hide the clutter.  Grab an empty laundry basket and do a quick run through the main rooms and pick up anything that does not belong in those rooms.  Next, go back and straighten up what is left in the rooms including things like sofa pillows and throw rugs.  Details make a difference.

Tackling the kitchen when unexpected visitors are on their way is a bit trickier.  You cannot clean a kitchen very quickly but you can hide the mess.  First, wipe down your kitchen table and set it back so it gives the appearance of neatness.  If you can, quickly load your dishwasher.  If you have dishes that don’t fit in the dishwasher, hide them in your oven, just be careful to remove them before you use your oven again.

Light a candle or turn on a candle warmer.  This is a quick step that will make your home smell lovely and make it seem cleaner than it really is.  It may look messy but the smell of a fragrance in the air gives the illusion of a lovely home.  It can also distract from the mess.

Don’t mention the mess.  Chances are, you are going to be much more concerned about it than your unexpected visitors will be.  Focus on hospitality and ignore the reset.

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